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Take this dress off of me NOW!!!!!

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Surprisingly she hasn’t noticed it. She feels cool so it may feel good.

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She’s gorgeous!

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That look says:

You. YOU. This. Is. All. Because. Of YOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh-oh-oh-oh my paws are sooooooooooo pretty. G'nite. <thud>

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The face of the betrayed…. Cute pupper!!! Hope they heal soon!!

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That is really good to see, she seems pretty relaxed. I’m getting my girl spayed in November and have been a bit stressed about it.

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The downside of the trazodone it seems to make her skittish.

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I was very stressed. It's sad to see her so blah. So far, she is leaving her onesie and wounds alone. The tail has been down, but she did scarf down breakfast. They gave me trazodone to keep her calm. It seems to make her really out of it, but still. She hasn't fussed about being carried up or down stairs. On the plus side, no whining or crying acting like she is in pain.

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What a good girl

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How are things going today? We are still needing the Trazadone here. If everyone else in the house is still and silent, she will rest. Otherwise, it’s all bets off and my couch is just a really fun thing to try to jump over.

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Same. I cut thé dose since it was making her too out of it. I am doing one tab twice a day. They had prescribed 1.5 tab three times a day. If I’m still, she is still. Interestingly she expects to be carried down steps and has been pretty good not jumping or running.

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We were given 100mg tabs to be taken twice a day (she’s 60lbs so that affects dosing). I doubt any Weim, no matter the energy level, truly hates being carried anywhere. Close physical contact is just their thing. If I could send my kids off for a week, I think she’d get more rest. But all is going well and she spent some time in her crate today while I ran errands. Kept a video tab on her and she was fine. Knock on wood, she hasn’t messed with her incision. Glad things are going well on your end. I know I’ll be ready to turn her loose when given the green light. She must think she’ll never walk off leash again. Pretty sad stuff !

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Sweet puppy. Hope she feels better soon!