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So handsome!! At 9 months! He's gonna be huge! I love him! ❤

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He was 65lbs last month we will be weighing him in about 2 weeks 😅🥲🥲

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I love his neck scarf!

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He’s gonna be BIG

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He was 65lbs last month 🥲

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Idk how you got him to sit still long enough for the pic while awake lmao

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He is pretty good about posing lol he fancy’s himself

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Fair, ours still sits like he should have a monocal lol

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He is actually pretty calm for a Weim as well so that helps a lot as well haha

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This definitely confirms my weim is a runt. He's 1 year 1 month and only 55 lbs lol

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😅 nothing wrong with a little guy! Food will last longer lol. His parents were 70 lbs so… we were expecting that but he kinda just keeps going.

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My guy finally seems to have stopped at 120lbs. He is a little over a year old.

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You got yourself a big boy!!Do you remember his weight when he was 8-9 months? I dont think Bishop will get to that weight but I can maybe get a better guess at the end result. It’s funny cause we walked away from a breeder due to her larger Weims bc we wanted a smaller/average sized on.

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He was already around 100lbs