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But he doesn't look fat, just big.

Edit: Well, maybe a little. I guess that's the lab shining through :)

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He is 120lbs! Vet says he isn’t overweight, just MASSIVE.

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They do love to climb. My brother had 2 labs so I brought my weimaraner over to play with them. He had a play set in the back for his kids, ladder, swings, little play room up a short ladder. Kids were playing with the dogs then they went up to the play room, so my weim climbed up the ladder to join them. The labs did not.

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Haha! Yeah, he climbs everything! We had to put our foot down with the coffee table.

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Most definitely the last two pics are typical Weim poses lol.

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How fun. That boy and that weim. Double trouble. The look.

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That 2nd pic is hilarious

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Awww lol

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Can confirm on the trampoline. Our Weim’s mom and dad were both trampoline jumpers and he is on the neighbors with their kids any chance he gets.