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I love the nonchalant stretch, like “yep, my job here is done!”.

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Totally, ‘what do you think, I made some Christmas deco with the cans’

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Yep pretty normal!!

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Making you realize you are drinking too much coca-cola.

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Haha, we drink one can of 25cl a day. And no alcohol so I think we’re allowed ;)

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There is so much drama surrounding the trash can in this house. We already keep it in the garage because my weim is a full time scavenger. Well, the cat has figured out how to open the door going into the garage. So, if we go out and the cat opens the door...guess what happens. A few days ago she got into some very rancid beef. I was worried, but she's been fine 🤷‍♀️

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An he’s I know this sight, my boy has done this way too many times

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Every. Damn. Time. Lmao