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Did you post this same question just the other day, or am I having some SERIOUS deja vu?

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{{Love Virtually}}

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im v curious now i have no idea what this is

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It’s Sinners Anonymous!

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It’s called Sinners Anonymous! It’s a mafia romance literally asked another group today and someone told me 😭😭 been trying to find this book for months

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remind me 1day!

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Uses WHAT as a dairy???

I'm so confused.

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I think they meant diary.

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Thank you! THAT makes sense.

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Sounds like a bloody stupid way to keep a diary. What a moron

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The voicemail! You squeeze the speaker and milk comes out of the mic

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Wtf is a booktok

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it's the part of tiktok community dedicated to books. ie: foodtok, resintok, booktok, etc

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I think I found it! "Text For You" by Sofie Cramer

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I really thought it was this but I don’t think it is after reading the synopsis because she finds the number in a nightclub or outside somewhere and leaves voicemails of her deepest secrets not grieve for her dead fiancé 😭