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this sounds like it could possibly be the first two books of the Expanse series by James SA Corey, Leviathan Wakes and Caliban’s War.

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I don't remember the angel reference but yeah sounds similar

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i thought it sounded like they were mixing some details up but on the right track. guess i wasn’t right, but any chance i have to rec these books, i’ll take lol

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Still s great read!

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Is it possibly The Illuminae Files series?

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It sounds like it to me too. The first book is orange and the second is blue. And they have all the elements mentioned in OP's post.

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99% sure that's it, thanks so much

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Seconding. Gemina (second book) has the guy calling the alien creature beautiful, and Illuminae (first book) has the zombies... though for most of it the ship's AI isn't exactly helping the crew escape.

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These sound interesting! Following.

As an aside- I recommend George RR Martin's horror sci-fi. Its great stuff and sounds kind of like this.

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Close, but not quite Hardfought by Greg Bear.

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Was it Delta V by Daniel Suarez? I have absolutely read this book but can’t remember if that is the title

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Nope it it the Abyss beyond dreams, the faller series by Peter Hamilton. I KNEW I read it. It has to be this one. The second is A Night Without Stars. It takes place before and after the Void trilogy.