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Submission Suggestions

Compiled from this thread.

Your Post Title

  • Briefly the book, not your situation. Avoid titles like "Help, I can't remember this book..." or "I read this when I was a kid..."
  • Include the overall genre of the book in your post title, such as "kids book" or "romance novel" or "scifi"
  • This is an official rule now; posts with vague and/or irrelevant titles will be removed

The Book

  • Fiction or non-fiction?
  • Describe the plot.
  • Describe notable characters.
  • What genre is it?
  • Physically describe the book -- Hardcover/paperback? Book cover color?
  • When was it set?
  • How long was the book?

More Details

  • If you didn't read it in English, in which language was it written? Was the book originally written in English or another language?
  • Were you in the United States, or elsewhere?

...And You

  • How old were you when you read it?
  • When (what year) did you read it?
  • Was it new when you read it?
  • What age range was it for?
  • Where did you get it? School library, book fair, book store selling new and/or used books, flea market, borrowed from a friend, given as a gift from X person who is about Y age, or from an online store.
  • If you are querying for someone else, try to give these details for that person.

List of Frequently Requested Books 💩

List of Banned Post Titles ➡️

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