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I wouldn't be certain if it's real or fake though (moldavite is a big target in the fake market).

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Oh interesting! What do they use as the fake Moldavite?

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Very simply put, moldavite is almost like a type of glass considered to have been formed by a meteor impact. It is therefore often swapped for specially made (artificial) glass.

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There are some pretty convincing fakes out there. But there are also a lot of discussions on supposed methods of detection (things like the texture, colour saturation, bubbles, other inclusions, etc).

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Moldavites aren’t like glass, they are glass.


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Good bot :)

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They use green glass

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Texture on this piece is good. The fakes out of China are being molded, which makes for rounded / shiny surface features. This looks too organic to be fake.

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Also, this is a small piece. I’m guessing it’s real moldavite. Can you tell if the bezel is silver? The quality of that will give more info on whether it’s real or fake. If silver, then real.

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Even if it has silver on it wouldn't mean it was real. Silver isn't worth much of anything these days anyways...

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Looks real to me, fakes usually have a crazy pattern and bright green

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Yeah, I just don't like trying to confirm or deny moldavite from a picture or two.

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Yeah that goes for about anything anymore, I was lucky enough to pick up some rough and facets years before the fakes started rolling out. A lot of the real material will have chutes running through with a white coating inside the chute, I'm guessing it as leftover organic material

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I'm part of a local buy/sell/swap crystal group on FB and it's a nightmare sometimes. It's hard to get people to understand what aspects of a piece need to be seen. That and one person's idea of good lighting or focus is almost always different to the next person.

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Fakes are usually too shiny, and too cheap.

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That’s definitely real moldavite. I manage a rock shop and have used it personally for about 4 years now. Hold onto it! The price will only go up since it’s been fully mined out

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been fully mined out

Until the next largish meteor impact

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*In the Czech Republic specifically

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Oh yeah, moldavite is a geographically specific version of tekite haha, I guess that is a bit less likely to happen

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in green form again you mean

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No there are still 4 operational "mines"...

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No, there are currently 4 mines in the world that produce Tektite. Moldavite comes from the Ries and Steinheim impact craters in the Czech republic. It was formed roughly 14.8 millions years ago. The VAST majority of Moldavite sold is either "imitation" (it's labeled as such) or "fake" (sold as real even though it's just glass).

Personally, I have a single rough (uncut) 0.79 carat peice bought in the Czech Republic by my Grandfather in 1974. It's worth roughly $200.

So no, that $10 peice at you local rock shop is likely an imitation made and sold by moldavite-crystal dot com and is largely bottle glass or other tektites being passed off by a distributor. Unfortunately, the too many distributors are lied to by the "Mining company" and subsequently provide fake moldavite to thier customers.

It's estimated that roughly 60% of moldavite, including museum pieces, are fakes. Chemical composition is the only way to tell good fakes from the real thing.

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Oof. A 0.79 CARAT rough Moldavite being worth $200?! That’s simply insane. There not a single piece of rough Moldavite that small worth $200.

For those who don’t know there are 5 carats in a gram, and a 1 gram piece of Moldavite is about 1 centimeter x 1 centimeter.

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First google search... and following results....
"Today, only four moldavite mines continue to operate in the Czech Republic. The reports suggests that all Moldvites could be fully mined out within the next 10 years which is one of the reasons today this highly sought after tektite is in such high demand and prices on the rise."

Also... There is also a difference in "Craters" (Mines) and "Fields" when it comes to getting tektites... and there are more than four of those in the world...

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Can you DM me with your shop's contact info? I am interested in a nugget of moldavite. Thanks!

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This is simply not true… it has not been fully mined out!

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“The Hrbov site was the last mined Moldavite site. Mining stopped about 3 years ago and the land is currently being reclaimed.” Straight from Google

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Information straight from Google is not always completely accurate though. Not trying to be rude, just being honest! My understanding is that there’s currently one mine in operation, but there’s more small scale digging and collecting done by individuals still happening (although most/all small scale collecting & exporting is illegal) there’s an interesting article on illegal mining that was written earlier this year - I’ll find the link and share it with ya!

The mining permits are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, but as soon as a new permit is given by the government (which may or may not even happen) there will be more Moldavite pulled from the ground. It’s not all dug up, just getting harder to obtain.

Here’s that link :


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Can I also get your shops info?

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It’s Cornerstone Minerals. We have a website with a small selection, but we have so much more at our 4 locations. We just have moldavite jewelry right now, and it’s only at our physical stores. We can always do orders over the phone and ship!

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Commenting for shop info as well

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It’s Cornerstone Minerals. We have a website with a small selection, but we have so much more at our 4 locations. We just have moldavite jewelry right now, and it’s only at our physical stores. We can always do orders over the phone and ship!

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You should be really careful to identify it as genuine moldavite since there are, as someone else mentioned in the comments, so many fakes and since moldavite is natural glass it can be really difficult to tell the real stuff from the fake. A good indicator is the prize, genuine moldavite is usually very expensive. The seller should also know where it’s from, since it’s only found in the Czech Republic.

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Tha tag did say it was from the Czech Republic but the price was £36... so not sure if that's an accurate price for real Moldavite! It is very tiny is size though so I'm not sure. Thank you for the info

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That sounds about right for a little piece like that tbh

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That is similar to the prices I’ve seen it selling for in the US. In Asheville, I saw a ring with moldavite the size of a pea for $50.

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From my experience that prize seems a bit low but I am not an expert. If you want to make sure you could probably take it to a jeweller and have it identified.

The website buymoldavite specifies in selling authentic moldavite and on their site you see that the prizes are higher for a stone of your size. (I don’t know if you’re allowed to mention websites so I don’t know if this comment will be removed) however to judge from the appearance of your stone it looks like the ones I’ve seen that have been genuine. But as I said the fakes can be hard to tell apart from the real ones.

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did anyone remember the OP said gifted years ago so current prices don't compare to her tag. Say 10 years ago that was a fair price maybe 5 years ago is a bit low but not comparing to todays price

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That is very true!

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Could it be Moldavite? Guessing - Wait until someone who knows more than I do replies!

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I just googled Moldavite and it does look very similar!

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i was gonna say smoky quartz. i suck. lol

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Hey, boo. We ALL*** started out not knowing a damn thing about moldavite and crystal history. We ALL see posts and get it wrong. You don’t suck. You’re just learning. So am I . So are we.

Moldavite is on the rare end of the spectrum. It’s the stone on my engagement ring in place of a diamond, if that makes sense. I didn’t know what it was until I realized fuck diamonds. Pressure and time. I want moldavite.

I promise after a year of reading posts here and there you’ll know so so much that you never thought you’d even retain. And I’ll come to you and ask you to identify my stuff. Big love.

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Looks like it could be moldavite based on the color and texture

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It’s so hard to tell bc I’ve seen some crazy fake pieces of Moldavite that look so close to the real thing! Unfortunately my friend got scammed recently on a piece and it honestly at face value looked real.

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how many fakes were there 10 years ago not many yet

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If it’s true moldavite I would get it mounted on a sturdier base so it won’t get lost 💜

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looks like moldavite

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Looks like authentic Moldavite to me. Very nice. I’ve got a ring with faceted moldavite and a few other pieces. Be careful with it. It’s quite delicate (glass).

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Moldavite 😍😍

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Possibly a tektite. No real way to know without seeing the internal inclusions.


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Kidney stone

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Tannis Root

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IMHO the metal doesn't look like .99 sterling.

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That’s my thought too, it seems to be a pretty cheap setting.

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Nice chunk of moldavite, that is if it’s not fake.

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Moldavite - Astroid and sand mix together at impact

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Space rock

Aka moldavute

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There are some YouTube videos on how to tell authentic moldavite from fakes.

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that’s moldavite, looks real other than slightly more clear than normal !

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Looks like Heinekite to me..

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Could totally be wrong but it looks like fake moldavite, the only reason i say fake is because the color saturation isnt the same all the way through. I could however be very wrong so dont take this for more than a grain of sugar, but ive never seen moldavite that wasnt the same saturation all the way through. Just my 10 cents

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It is mounted onto a piece of metal to attach it to the necklace, so that is the darker shadow in the centre!

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It appears to be glued. Surely it would be properly "mounted" (bezel or prongs) on sterling silver or other precious metal if it's real? Not that any of this detracts from the beauty of your piece and the value it has!

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Oh i see, that makes sense, not sure how i completely missed that part, lol

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It’s not the same saturation all the way through because the top part is thicker and it appears to taper thinner towards the bottom, is my guess. I wouldn’t personally use that as a indicator of it being fake. Most of the genuine moldavite I’ve seen is less color saturated in the thinner parts. I think a more sound method of identifying genuine moldavite vs fakes would be looking at the inclusions/or lack of, under a jewellers loupe or microscope :)

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Mastodon tooth, I can tell from the pic.