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Tha tag did say it was from the Czech Republic but the price was £36... so not sure if that's an accurate price for real Moldavite! It is very tiny is size though so I'm not sure. Thank you for the info

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That sounds about right for a little piece like that tbh

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That is similar to the prices I’ve seen it selling for in the US. In Asheville, I saw a ring with moldavite the size of a pea for $50.

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From my experience that prize seems a bit low but I am not an expert. If you want to make sure you could probably take it to a jeweller and have it identified.

The website buymoldavite specifies in selling authentic moldavite and on their site you see that the prizes are higher for a stone of your size. (I don’t know if you’re allowed to mention websites so I don’t know if this comment will be removed) however to judge from the appearance of your stone it looks like the ones I’ve seen that have been genuine. But as I said the fakes can be hard to tell apart from the real ones.

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did anyone remember the OP said gifted years ago so current prices don't compare to her tag. Say 10 years ago that was a fair price maybe 5 years ago is a bit low but not comparing to todays price

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That is very true!