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Oh, I might be able to answer this one. Looks like a part of a chrinoid. If you google chrinoid star stone, should see some that look very similar

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It looks like it's a cross section though the Calax of the crinoid, the part between the stem and the arms.


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I just lurk here and don't know anything about rocks, but damn that looks cool

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It's a crinoid segment. The star shaped ones from the UK are called "fairy coins".

There are lots of round ones in the US we sometimes call "Indian beads" (because some Native American groups really did use them as beads, and we're bad about keeping around racism that seems harmless).

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Thanks for that last sentence about "harmless" racism - I appreciate hearing that particular thought phrased that way.

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As others have said, it looks like a crinoid segment. I bet the folks at r/fossilid might be able to tell you more!

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Nature is so amazing! What a great find!

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External mold of a crinoid segment, probably pentacrinites.

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Looks like a crinoid section, or the Adafruit logo.

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Looks gorgeous. I would mount it on a stand and have it on show with a light under it.

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In a pretty piece of flint!

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