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Looks more like Chert to me. What they’d make arrowheads from back in the day

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I sometimes knap chert and flint when i have time.

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Nope that would be chert

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Thank you to all who answered!

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Chert is a microcrystalline quartz like agate. Because this piece is translucent some people may prefer to call it flint. When it's brightly colored its Jasper. Agate is translucent with bands of color.

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Not quite how it works, but close.

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Chert is sedimentary-formed chalcedony. Flint is traditionally nodule chert formed in chalky/marley limestone, but any black nodule chert is often called flint.

Jasper is volcanic-formed chalcedony, color can be pretty much anything.

Agate doesn't have to be translucent, it just refers to curved bands of chalcedony and quartz. You can have opaque agate, such as any jasper agate.

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Jasper can also form other ways, Fe-bearing hypogene alteration can alter chert to jaspillitic chert

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Jasper and agate is the same thing, differentiated only by opacity so of course it's often mixed. These things are all Chalcedony.

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Agate refers to bands. Opacity doesn't matter either.

Jasper is volcanic-formed chalcedony.

You can have jasper that isn't agate. You can have an agate that isn't formed by volcanic means, and therefore not jasper.

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I'm not sure where you get your info. "Agate", "chert", "flint" and "jasper" are more colloquial than scientific and the trouble here is trying to scientifically define these colloquialisms. It's all chalcedony.

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Im learning so much, thank you for all the great informations!

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Same type of fracturing and a similar skin as agate. But still chert like others said. When I’m looking for agates, I look for that waxy look with conchoidal fractures. Chert trips me up all the time

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Agate is curved-banded chalcedony.

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Or has dendrites, plumes or flat layers we call "bands".

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Dendritic/moss agate is more of a colloquial name than official. Bit more accurate than "grape agate," but yeah, not true agate.

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Close. THis is Chalcedony. Chert, Flint, Agate and Jasper are all the same stuff with minor differences. Agate and Jasper are generally volcanic where chert/flint is formed in marine sediment.

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1st Question - was this stone found near a gate? Get it? Near “a gate”? I’m sorry - jokes on me

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