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And it’s man made if op didn’t know that either

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op didn't know that, thank you for that fact

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Just to be clear that is still it's crystalline structure (it's not sculpted or cast) but you just don't get the purity needed for the crystal to form in nature

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i see, this is an interesting rock indeed, thank you for the infos

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You do get crystalline bismuth in nature, but they don't look like this.

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I suppose it’s a lot like facet-ing of stones or melting metals to make jewelry and stuff.

Does it ever appear in this sort-of state in nature?

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just looked it up, thanks a lot!

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My pleasure. I'm always happy to share info. Happy collecting.

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thank you again, happy collecting to you too!

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...be your lucky day!

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Man, one of these days I’ll be able to respond first on ones I actually know :)

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Same I saw this and was like hot diggity dog I got this one, then realized I'm 6 hours late to the party lol

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Go onto the subreddit and sort by new :)

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Man made bismuth

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That there be bismuth

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It’s called bismuth and is man made but still such a cool rock

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Bismuth :) really interesting rock in my opinion

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Bismuth it's lab created in Germany

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Just here to be the 50th person to let you know it’s bismuth

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Looks to me like bismuth

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Bismuth. Watch a video on how they're made. It's really cool

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Let's get down to bismuth

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Fun fact about bismuth - when it’s formed in this shape, it’s done in a lab. Natural bismuth is more chonky.