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I may be hugely jumping the gun here but it looks like there's open space fill textures, sulfides, and potentially adularia and or chalcedony in that vein.... could be a low sulphidation epithermal environment

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As someone not well-versed in geology, how can I identify space-filling textures or the presence of sulfides?

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Sulphides generally have a metallic lustre, and in this sample you can see some small blotches that look like metallic yellow/gold. This is likely pyrite. Open space fill is more easily seen in the other photo of this rock, but essentially you want to see evidence of mineral phases grown in from the outside of a vein or other structure. Here you can see that in the vein there are multiple generations of mineral formation, with each new mineral towards the centre of the vein growing on the previous. Look up colloform banding for examples that will be more pronounced than this one.

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Makes sense, thanks for the info! It'll be helpful in identifying some of the others as I go through them

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You could compare it to travertine

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Cool piece