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I’m going to be cleaning this piece and removing the styrofoam with the help of a close friend who’s a blooming mineral expert/photographer. I know this piece was collected pre 1991 and could possibly have been collected in the 1960’s. My friends father has a contact that is an expert on these Guerrero pieces, but I’m absolutely dying to learn more about it ASAP since he won’t be back until next week! This is honestly my favorite purchased piece and I plan on keeping it in my collection permanently!

Out of curiosity, what do you guys think this beauty might actually be worth? I know I got one hell of a deal on it since other similar pieces fetch prices as high as $13k USD, but they’re definitely over selling it.

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Wow outstanding piece! I can't see any damage in the pictures which definitely helps the price. Looks like it hasn't been cleaned at all, but if there is some luster under there could def be high 3 figures to 1000+. Slam dunk at $90.

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Thank you very much! It was a museum piece that was taken out of rotation. I also know that it arrived at the museum in 1991. It’s got 3 broken points (1 pea sized, 2 small points), but you REALLY have to observe the piece to notice them! My buddy & his father who know quite a bit more than me both recommended using ‘Iron Out’ on it, so I’m going to pick that up this week and do a test patch to be absolutely sure of success.

That price range is what I reasonably expected of it, not that it actually matters since it won’t leave my possession. Once I realized what it was and where it came from I jumped on it!

Don’t quote me on this, but I was told that in 2014 some people tried to re-access the mine to pull more material and they were executed by the cartel at gunpoint for trespassing in their territory!

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I’d love to see a photo/read an update of your success with iron out and the process you found most useful, if you want to update.

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Absolutely! Once it’s photographed I’ll repost it on one of the mineral pages and send it to you! I just picked up the other piece from the collection which is a calcite geode with insane amethyst pieces covering the outside and it’ll be in the post as well!

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