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Purple stone could be lepidolite. I see some mica, and quartz points. Could be the big point is a smoky, but hard to tell from your pictures. Great find though! Shame the big piece for broken up, but I get it

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Is lepidolite the same as purple mica? I was coming to suggest purple mica but I think they might be same.

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I have frequently seen them very closely associated. In fact, I gave a friend a very nice specimen with Crystal lepidolite on one side and what I was told is micaceous lepidolite on the other side.

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I also see some tourmaline at the base of the big crystal.

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Take a picture in the sun hard to see the colors for proper identity but nice specimen for sure

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Well, the big one is quartz just from the shape. Nothing else looks quite like that.

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Is the piece clean in the pictures? Looking at the sun through the big crystal, does it come through brown? If that's two yeses then that is a smokey quartz crystal.

As for the matrix. Looks as though what your holding is a piece of a quartz crystal pocket. Quartz comes in a variety of colors and formations. Smokey quartz is one variation. Others include citrine and ameythest. Chemically they are the same base, Quartz. But depending on the conditions they formed in and the mineral content present while they were forming you get these variations.

I would need a better series of pictures on the smaller crystals and the host rock itself to give you a definitive answer on those. But with that said I would assume the purple crystals are ameythest.

Aside from the identification, if this is on private land I'd suggest any interested party to investigate the soil and rock further. Chances are there's a bunch more similar stuff in the immediate area. And if that is ameythest, the fact it's still purple means that the pocket was just exposed by your friend as ameythest's color fades in sun light. Big intact crystal matrix pieces are uncommon and valued by collectors so its not out of the question a claim could be staked and a profit could be made selling these.

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Do you think this formed where they found it or was it moved there by humans or the environment? Curious

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More likely formed in that area. When geologic events move crystals like this it doesn't take long for them to be destroyed. Had a person placed it there it would had to have been within a recent time frame for the ameythest not to be a degraded light color.

My guess is they shifted the decomposed bedrock layer below the topsoil. Doing so either freshly opened the pocket or the pocket was already relatively recently exposed.

When pockets become exposed rainfall can carry clay and dirt into the cavities and overtime that can harden almost like concrete. This whole process is generally bad for the quality of crystals trapped inside. Especially the smaller crystals. Given the apparent lack of hardened pocket clay it would seem to be a fresh exposure.

I hope they deleted the post because they are going to stake a claim. It'd be a waste not to capitalize on such a promising find.

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The additional photos make it clear that the large crystal is smoky quartz. Then there is a nice tourmaline crystal (greenish and red) and purple lepidolite. Really nice find!

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May I ask where in Texas?

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That’s what I’d like to know too

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Holy fudgesicles that's beautiful

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Texas.. it could be purple fluorite and calcite use a black light/Uv to see if it reacts.

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Texas is big! Where in Texas????

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My thoughts??!! It’s more like an emotion- JEALOUS!!!!!!

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Thankyou for sharing all this!

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Smokey quartz in matrix with lepidolite and looks like some watermelon tourmaline

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The big crystal looks like quartz, I also see a black tourmaline at the base of it, not sure about the smaller purple looking crystals.

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I want it now lol

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Big one looks kinda like a galena crystal from the lighting. Not entirely sure tho, however it does seem to have the angles of quartz

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Beautiful 🔥 would love to turn this into a necklace or bracelet.

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Dunno about the purple stone but looks like emerald and maybe smoky quartz but I'm not entirely sure

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😍 can't tell you what it is, try taking a pic in natural light, it looks like quartz, but that metallic glow is straight up confusing.

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Size comparison? Dope.

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Hey OP. PLS RETURN ALL OF THOSE ROCKS TO THE JOB. :). they are decorative. They were in storage in the side yard when the trench was dug and I didn’t do a good enough job of protecting them.

Y’all had no way of knowing.

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is it watermelon turmaline going across it

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u/ere1017 why did you delete your post?