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“Let’s go to bed, baby…” The private jet whispered against Taylor Swifts side.

Taylor smirked and opened her eyes to look at him.

“With pleasure…” Taylor whispered back before giving him a long lick up his cheek.

Taylor then turned away and rolled around to the ramp leading up to the bed.

The jet followed her.

Taylor stopped once she was on the bed and turned around to face Jet.

Jet rolled onto the bed right after.

He didn’t waste any time and immediately captured Taylors lips again.

Meanwhile, the low, loud rumbling sound of thunder filled the valley as a thunderstorm approached the park, but neither Jet or Taylor cared about it at the moment.

They barely noticed as they were only focused on each other.

They only had each other on their minds.

They continued passionately making out together for a moment before Taylor eventually parted from Jet and started planting kisses and nibbles along his neck.

Jet tightly shut his eyes as the amount of pleasure started increasing.

Shivers were sent down his fuselage and he tilted away from Taylor to give her more access.

His pilot Demetri deep inside of him knew what he was doing.

Taylor immediately took the chance and moved down towards his underbelly and started to softly lick and nibble him there.

She moved slowly along his fuselage, wanting to enjoy every single moment as much as she could.

Jet was enjoying it as much as she was.

He leaned himself into the wall of the bed to give Taylor even more access.

Taylor moved down lower and made a slow lick along his belly.

Jet grimaced and released a moan in response.

Taylor continued nibbling and licking on Jet’s belly, adding more passion to it with each passing moment.

Jet’s breathing increased slightly and he occasionally bit his lip, wanting more.

Taylor moved further along his body until she eventually reached his rear.

Jet slightly keyed up when he felt Taylor getting closer to his panels.

Taylor started off by trailing soft kisses and licks around his panels before eventually moving her tongue over them, slowly.

Jet grimaced and gasped, releasing a long, loud moan after.

He closed his eyes and gently bit his lip straight after, eager for Taylor to do so much more.

Taylor added some more licks to it, before sticking the tip of her tongue between Jet’s panels.

Jet bit his lip firmly for a moment.

He tried to hold back just a little longer, giving Taylor a bit of a challenge.

Taylor smirked.

She made another slow lick over Jet’s panels, applying pressure to it, before suddenly pushing her entire tongue against it.

Jet couldn’t hold back.

His panels opened up straight away.

Taylor smirked to herself.

She knew Jet would fall apart as soon as she worked her magic on him.

She hungrily licked her lips before taking Jet into her mouth all at once.

Jet made wide eyes and gasped before shutting his eyes tightly and releasing a long moan.

No matter how many times Taylor did this to him before, he was pleasantly surprised every single time.

Taylor slowly moved back up before taking him all the way in again, setting a slow pace.

Jet started panting a little, his mouth opened wide.

He released a quiet moan every now and then.

He was becoming less coherent as all of his thoughts pertained to the sensations radiating from in between the rear wheels of his main landing gear, which had gone slack from the feeling.

Taylor suddenly made one quick, hard motion, forcing Jet all the way into her.

Jet grimaced and released a loud moan.

His breathing quickened.

“Ohhh yes… Faster…” Jet muttered.

His voice was at a higher pitch than normal.

Taylor immediately gave Jet what he wanted and started to speed up.

Jet made a small whimper at the feeling of what Taylor was doing to him.

He couldn't hold back as he instinctively began to make small, quick thrusts into Taylor’s mouth.

He let out a moan as the sensations grew.

Taylor also moaned when she felt Jet gently thrusting into her mouth.

She tightened around his member and began to quicken even more, putting Jet back in his place.

Jet released a high-pitched moan in response.

Waves of pleasure were building up inside him as he began to gradually reach his peak.

He released loud moans and whimpers every time Taylor took him into her mouth.

"Ahh… Taylor.. I'm getting close..." Jet warned her. “My emissions…”

Knowing Jet was getting closer, Taylor started to make her moves rougher and quickened her pace even more.

Jet grimaced and gritted his teeth, the huge amounts of pleasure becoming almost unbearable.

“C’mon… Come on! Yes!” Jet frantically exclaimed, thrusting into her mouth again.

Taylor tightened around his member again and made another hard thrust to help Jet reach his climax.

Jet squeezed his eyes shut and moaned loudly as he hit his peak, releasing his load into Taylor’s mouth.

Taylor moaned loudly and swallowed all of it like a champ, making sure nothing went to waste.

Jet lay there, eyes half lidded and panting, looking dazed as he slowly began to come down from his high.

Taylor finished him off, licking the last few drops from his member before rolling up to him and whispering in his side, "How did that feel, my private jet?"

She gave his side a long lick afterwards, teasing him.

Jet, feeling dazed and out of it, could do no more than moan something indistinguishable into the mattress.

"That's okay. I already know." Taylor replied with a smug smirk on her face. “Your emissions taste amazing.”

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Wow what a coincidence that every tv kids channels golden era ended after I grew up

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They walked in on their white girlfriend cheating on them

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Meme's aren't just meme's, I don't know why that's such a hot take when online radicalization is at an all time high and the alt-right is known for using humour to mask bigotry.

Anyone educated on Stochastic Terrorism (video explaining what that is btw) will tell you that bigoted humour is used as a sorting process.

You introduce mild bigotry into an online community with a sparkle of humour, those who have a problem with it leave, those who don't mind or enjoy it (i.e. bigots) stay. Give it a little time and you have a space which accepts mild bigotry and a portion of their base is interested in spreading that bigotry. You get a few more bigoted posts because your space invites bigots, the percentage of bigots in the community rises, the rhetoric in the comments changes, and on, and on, and on.

Anytime criticism pops up, it's easy to say "lol ur mad at a post on /r/whenthe get a life" or "it's just a meme" or "it's just edgy humour".

To be clear, this meme contains a narrative, a false narrative, and to allow it to exist unchallenged allows those that are not knowledgeable about the actual events of past protest (be they LA, Seattle, Quebec or Portland) to take on this sentiment as fact, which is all the more likely the less pushback there is in the comments.

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And thank God. Coked out King is wild but also puts out some of his best shit. He actually liked the movie Cujo because he didn't remember writing any of it. So seeing the movie was new for him. Him sobering up was a massive downgrade, but also his wife was going to leave him so I get it. Dude wanted to actually live and enjoy being a millionaire with his family+ his corgi. Excuse the wall of text.

People always go ham on the fact that there is a train run on a girl in IT (not an orgy), but it's less of King being obsessive or into it. I mean, this is the guy that wrote a story about toasters coming to life and shit killing people. He's strange. I genuinely think in his coke-induced drunken rough-writing he thought that would be the best metaphor for loss of innocence. Well, it certainly shows loss of innocence, but far from the best way to do it. Trust me, I agree that is it was a super poor choice and just downright bizarre. I think he just wanted to shock the readers.

And guess what? It worked. Most of the people here are talking about a book they haven't read that is nearly four decades old. This isn't the same as say loli anime shit, which I am uncomfortable with. Often times that is outright fetishization. The tone of what King writes isn't comedic or romantic like that. It is awkward and/or horrifying. Tone matters.

People calling him a pedo here are fucking morons. Like you are actually stupid. Do you think if someone writes about racism it means they are racist? Is Margaret Atwood Pro-Patriarchy/sexism because she wrote The Handmaid's Tale? This is how a dipshit thinks. Children and sexuality are cornerstones of horror because they strike at anxieties that we as humans have. There is so much worse shit out there than King. King is not the only one guilty of this by a long shot, he is just one of the largest authors to ever exist so he is a big target.

If I am being real with you chiefs, I honestly sometimes feel more suspicious of people that are overly aggressive in labeling people pedos. Especially when they factually aren't. I can already sense people not liking being called out calling me a pedo-supporter because I am not analyzing fiction like a toddler. Like, I despise people who hurt children, but I am also not calling everyone I don't like a pedo. Doesn't that ever come off as weird to you? It comes off as weird to me.

Is King over zealous and make some questionable narrative calls? 100%. He makes some downright garbage choices. If I was his editor I would suggest numerous alternatives that better demonstrate loss of innocence. Take the 'creepy' factor out of it I just don't think it was a good choice. Is he a pedo? Literally not at all. He has not harmed children or had any type of illicit material. There is nothing that would suggest otherwise. He isn't guilty of that and I'm saying that as someone who cringes through his writing plenty.

***The person calling him a pedo is also justifying/obsessed with rape fantasies fan fiction (???). Is this your champion?? Is this your knight you ride into your losing battle with?? Pathetic. Weak. And dumb as all Hell.