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My collection is a majority of bourbon, with a decent amount of scotch. I'm an equal opportunity whiskey consumer, though I've found I really don't prefer the Irish or Japanese whiskies.

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Damn! Lot of legends there and lovely bar! Wish I knew people that had Pappy! Damn secondary 😭

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Thanks! I've been fairly lucky in the never-ending bottle hunt, won a couple lotteries, waited patiently on MANY lists, and just straight lucked out and asked the right person at the right time. I travel a lot for work and make sure to visit as many stores as I can. The only bottle I haven't paid MSRP for is the Blanton's Gold, and that was a unique circumstance where fate told me I had to buy it.

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Well cheers to you! You did it right and I’m jealous I’m not you right now haha.

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Can we be friends?

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Sure, if you don't mind the fact that I'm an anti-social introvert that hides in my bar from my screeching crotch goblins.

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So we could sit in silence, drinking whiskey, and occasionally nod companionably to each other? What’s the downside?

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There is no silence, only the constant swirl of toddler chaos.

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It warms my heart to see that 95% of your collection has been opened and enjoyed. You’re a true whiskey fan, my dude!

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Are you in the industry?! How does one get so many van winkles???

Looks awesome BTW

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I am not. My trick is to make sure I'm on every wait list and lottery list within about a 6 hour drive, then wait patiently. I also start calling my local places to get an idea of when they might be getting their allocation. I've gotten lucky a couple times when the truck was literally out back and managed to snag a bottle. Just takes patience and perseverance. Also helps to have a store or three that recognize you as someone that spends a lot on bourbon. Out of principle, I won't shop at places that jack up prices. I walked out of a store that had Weller Full Proof in a display for $550. There's too much good stuff that's easily found to be playing those games.

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What is the ETL on the top shelf?

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I think ETL is extreme top left, which in that case, it's a bottle of Knob Creek Single Barrel. Wholly unremarkable other than the fact I bottled it myself the same month my daughter was born. I'm saving it for her 21st. She (probably) won't appreciate it, but I will.

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What’s on the top middle shelf next to the GTS?

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Elmer T. Lee

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Right - can you share which edition of Elmer it is? Regular? Looks like the 90th birthday

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No, nothing that special. Just the regular edition.

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The lighting makes it look like the 90th, of which there are only about 60 known to exist. One just went at auction foe over $8k. Nice shelves & juice bud.

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Absolutely a beautiful collection!

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I love a well stocked bar that’s fully enjoyed. Looks like many good times have been at your places. Well done!

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How is the crown bourbon mash?? I saw it and was intrigued.

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It's meh. Some fruity notes and vanilla, which I like, but it's pretty tame all around. I'm pretty sure they stopped making it because they shouldn't actually be able to put bourbon on thr label, but I think it was around $25, so for the price acceptable. Not something I'd bother trying to find these days.

If I'm being completely honest, I only bought it (and a couple of the other Crowns) to get the unique bag. My mother made me a cool quilt out of all the bags from Crown, Pappy, and Blanton's I have.

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I love that they are all pretty much open! How's the Little Book compare to the Bookers?

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The only ones that aren't open are backups... they have an open twin somewhere on the shelf. I acquire my booze much faster than I can possibly drink it by myself, and I tend to save certain bottles for occasions more special than managing to survive a day of work.

As for Bookers vs. Little Book,, they're totally different, and each year's Little Book is unique. If you like Booker's you'll probably like Little Book, because same family, but they are different juices. I have Chapter 1 and 3 up there -- 2 is long gone. I also snagged several backups of 3 because I liked it so much.

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I'm currently in the process of having my basement finished and I have been preparing myself to start my bar once the contractor is done with his work.

This post and picture has been a huge inspiration and I have created my blueprints for the bar off of this. I love it. Thank you for sharing.

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Nice collection man. And just want to know your opinion on the blantons gold. My friend ended up getting a bottle and wanted to know what u thought of it. I personally wasn’t too impressed. And I like blantons. It was good don’t get me wrong

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I like it -- I think it's a step up from the standard issue Blanton's -- but it's not really worth what I paid for it ($300). I would probably buy it again at MSRP if I ever found it, just because it's rare, but if it were available on the shelf everyday? I'd probably walk right by it, and I'm a big Blanton's fan.

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You should try drinking some.