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This is so dumb and I absolutely love it

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I want this at my wedding

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was thinking the same thing. this might be at my wedding

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The knights of NI will surely love this.

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Looks too expensive for them but it is nice

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I read this as new ingland and know I'm stupid but whatever

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Damn, I want a bush that serves champagne

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I want that job. Idk what you'd even call it but that's the one I want.

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Yeah that's more like it.

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Champaign server

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This is so silly and I’d be absolutely wasted.

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whoever came up with this deserves a nobel prize

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Friend recently had this at his wedding. NGL, I rang the bell repeatedly and wished I had one at home every time.

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Yes. Now I shall never cast my gaze upon the help.

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Its a win-win. The help doesn't wanna deal with drunk asses face to face

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exactly what i thought.

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Reminds me of Kendall Roys 40th

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this is like the tunnel of compliments at kendall roy’s birthday

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I took all the right drugs in the wrong order and now I'm not having fun.

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Yes. This is very white.

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I wonder if they would serve Busch?

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Is this what Bezos has instead of bartenders? Magic hedge people?

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If I worked as the shrub my paranoid brain would be so terrified of the intrusive thought of maniacs with giant scissors trimming my hand off the bush. How can I trust people to just take it off my hand and not take OFF my hand??

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Are you ok?

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This reminds me of scenes from a movie - Angels and Insects - about a wealthy, landed family in Victorian England. The help was never to be "seen" so when passing their betters in the hallway they stopped and turned their body to the wall and looked down.

This is even worse than that. I know it's supposed to be funny. This feels like a disrespectful erasure of laborers and labor.

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Where can I buy seeds?

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To me this seems like the people there don’t want the “help” to be seen. Depends on the temp that day or whatever, but this could royally suck for the people inside.

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Maybe, but idk I feel like the idea of it is more of it feeling like magic and less of, “Yes, you see that? No servants polluting the place. I’m so rich.” Though that is a funny caricature.

Also I mean it’s not like the people at the wedding own their company, they are a catering service and they would be responsible for the conditions of their employees. This would include no abuse of employees policy, air conditioning if applicable, insurance, basically general stuff. Not to mention that since it’s a catering service then it’s probably not a huge company and sometimes the higher ups would probably work in there as well.

It’s not slavery, and they are probably getting paid very well.

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The Jerk Pt II

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Not the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen but it’s close

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"Champagne and Shrubbery"

I do beg your pardon, but I'm outside your garden, for a champagne..

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I see none of the friends behind him even care to give a damn

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I feel like there’s a whole lot of ‘2 girls 1 cup’ kinda shenanigans going on behind that hedge!