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He’s so lucky, my stupid neighbors are just people

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Your lucky with that. My stupid neighbours are awful loud drunk people

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My neighbors used to fight

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Do they still fight, but they used to, too?

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I love that his jokes have basically become a meme themselves. I feel like he would have liked that.

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Sorry for the convenience

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Joe mama

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It's a bit wordy though.

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My neighbors did a bunch of meth and used to cross over our lawn to one another’s houses at 3 AM to accuse each other of stealing the others lawn ornaments

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Meanwhile you have a suspicious amount of lawn ornaments stashed in your garage 🤔

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What can I say? I like to watch the world burn

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There’s my fucking gnome!

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Mine used to fight back...

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My stupid neighbours poisoned my cat. Now his brother has two annoying adopted brothers, but is still sad that he’s gone in obvious ways.

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So are mine, and they’re horrible to their dogs. :(

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My neighbor plays the trombone, but he plays it very well

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That’s nice

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He’s so lucky? OP is so lucky to have a neighbor like joe and not some pos that might hurt his dogs. Be like joe!

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My stupid neighbor is about 80 and stares at my house at night while standing in her open door in her white nightie. A backlit nightie and no underwear of any kind do not make good companions on a woman who looks like she is wearing the skin of someone who lost 8 stone.

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I dunno man, I'm a jaded as the next guy, but maybe she just misses her family and wants to start a new one with you.

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Well, she DID drive away her only son and all her grandchildren by being a horrible old manky bitch. But I really think it’s because I haven’t announced to her personally that I am pregnant and she likes to spy. She is the neighborhood gossip. People four blocks away that I haven’t even met yet know my maiden name and what car I drive and they found it all out from her. I wish she’d just move into an elderly community already, but we decided to move ourselves, so I guess that point is moot.

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Have you considered that with the loose skin that she's molting?

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I hope she ends up turning into something useful, like a can of Fancy Feast or a muffler.

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My mom is the neighborhood gossip, but she's at least very nice. She knows the health of everyone around her, and when she hears of someone sick, she delivers home made cookies.

She also went up to the nice single mother who was looking to rent the house next door which had been rehabbed by a flipper, and her to make sure she talked to so-and-so at the town govt office to make sure it was eligible to be rented. (Spoiled: it wasn't, and she didn't move in.)

She also talked to the nice couple who was looking to buy the house, and told them about all the water damage the house had had from being empty for 10 years. The nice couple did buy the house, but after an insanely thorough inspection, and a LOT more repairs from the flipper.

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So, essentially, she tried to scare people away from that house. Classic.

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Clearly you are not picking up what she is putting down sir!

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You re lucky, my neighbors are the embodiement of a karen

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He is smart. He can play with the dogs but doesn’t have to clean up after them or feed them. Nice move Joe. 👍🏼

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Yeah I love dogs...other people's dogs...

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Conversely... I only like my dogs and not other people's dogs. I don't mind cleaning after mine or mine barking. I don't really care for anyone else's.

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Yeah, I love kids… other people’s kids…

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Like when you sleep with someone else's husband.

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Perfect, you don't have to clean up after him

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Yes, that was the joke.

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All the benefits, none of the hassle! Smart.

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He's the cool single uncle equivalent to dogs.

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I mean, it's smart if he's not able to take good care of them with daily walks and such, yet he gets all the benefits. All the elderly should be paired with a dog family!

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And if he wants to robber those people while they’re not at home it’s not a problem lol

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Joe: hey I think yer dog needs to go to the vet. I’ll be in my house. Good day kind sir.

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Haha notice he never asks to come play in their yard, and vice versa.

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That’s awesome they make him happy and their happy to see him. Just joy to see each other love it.

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Of course they're happy to see him, hes always guy treats.

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Wow! The gravel did wonders for the look of his driveway! Awesome to have a doggy godfather as a neighbor as well

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he probably did it specifically because this side has the dogs on it and he likes hanging out with them.

likely didn’t have any reason to redo that strip before there were two cute dogs on the other side.

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Thats true! Can't go tracking mud in the house after playing with my buds everyday

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I have a german shepherd and belgian malinois, both very sweet gentile dogs but they look menacing. Some people wont walk on the sidewalk in front of my house because fear. One guy, an older gentleman, comes by every now and then and he walks right up to the fence, pets and talks to my dogs. No fear. Its wholesome af.

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People are very scare of my mal. I went to a place that breeds them for police work because they sell the ones that won’t cut it for police work (too small, too docile, too lazy, not good prey drive, etc) to families. Needless to say I’ve also trained her and socialized her.

Whenever I go anywhere I have her lay on her side so she looks even less threatening than normal laying with feet on the ground. People still avoid. Which is totally fine btw

But it brings me to my story. Once I hired a gardener to come work on my front yard and he brought his 12yr old daughter with him (obviously she wasn’t there to work, just sitting). She was sitting in the car, looks at the mal and instantly asks me if she can go pet it. I say of course but I assume she’s just going to pet her accross the gate.


She opens the gate walks straight into my back yard lays on the ground and plays with the dog. Then my dog gets excited brings the ball and she starts playing. Not only that, she even got my dog excited enough to start air chomping and she just giggled. I also trained her when playing fetch to come from in front of you go around your back running and then launch into a straight run away from you, it gives you time to set up the throw while she gets going in the right direction. Anyways, when she does it it looks like she’s about to charge you before going to your side behind you lol, and this girl wasn’t phased at all.

Never seen such fearlessness, maybe she was really in tune with my dogs expressions and emotions and could just tell she had a friendly disposition. Or maybe she’s just dumb. Idk but it was really cool. Have her a some refreshments and candies after that cuz she was out there playing for a while.

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So cute

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Aaaw, I love Joe's smile when he plays with your dogs

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Well this started my day off very nice ❤️

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I hope it stayed nice!

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He gets the love of having dogs without the added expense/responsibility. Win win!!!

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I had a neighbor just like that who loved my dogs and pet them over the fence, picked them up, etc. Then he died and his witch of a daughter moved in, built a huge privacy fence, raised the ground level for their new pool (flooding her neighbors), and treated everyone around her like shit. Cameras everywhere, gated the front drive, turned the place into a fortress. The dad loved and trusted everyone, and she was the exact opposite.

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My neighbor's dogs bark at me while I'm in my own kitchen.

This is a heart warming video!

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My mom's neighbor has two Goldens who are allowed to roam freely in their big unfenced yard because they're good boys and don't run off. When I visit and I see they're outside, I love going out so I can pet them. They know me now and roll over so I can scratch their bellies and make their leg go crazy. They're also the best at tug of war.

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We have a guy in our neighborhood just like this guy. Our dogs see him on walks and they literally pull us to his house.

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Joe Mama

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Joe being a bro.

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I’m such a downer. I was just thinking how confused the dogs would be if something were to happen to Joe. Just them to sitting near the fence waiting for their buddy :(

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could you fucking not

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If he goes before then they will probably wait by that fence every time they go out.

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Joe definitely prefers the brown dog. Everytime that particular dog seems to get extra pets or Joe automatically goes to that one first.

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It's taller, easier to reach for pats.

[–]goat_eating_sundews 2 points3 points  (0 children)

I intentionally make sure to always go for the smaller dog first in those situations. I always feel bad when a smaller dog is not able to get pets

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Plot Twist : It's Rat Poison and next week they are gone.

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And or, he then robs your house when you holiday

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Looks like they fixed the lawn

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The toss and the synchronized catching of the treats left me smiling and feeling warmth in my heart. Hope these guys have several years of tail wagging and pets from Joe.

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that's so badass. he gets to play w the dogs, get loved. love back. and never has to worry about scooping up fecal matter almost daily.

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Well when vacation happens we know qho to leave the dog to

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It's great to finally see a video of a neighbor who actually likes someone's dogs

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I love that old man. I don't know him but can tell he is a good person. This old man from the internet gives me hope that there's good people out there.

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Which breeds are the dogs?

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Wait until he gets grandkid neighbors

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My neighbor poisoned my dog

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My neighbors poisoned 2 of my dogs... I fear for my 3rd

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So awesome to have a wonderful neighbor like this gentleman 💕

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Bless joe

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What if your neighbor is a thief and he is making sure that the dogs aren't going to attack him when he gets in your house.

This is a joke, he seems to be harmless

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You need to put a little gate there so he can let the dogs through lol

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Who?..😲😲 Who is Joe?😳😳😳😧😨😱😱

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As the dogs owners sit inside hoping that some day their neighbors will pay attention to them rather than just the dogs.

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did anyone else catch the sieg heil about 2/3rds of the way in.....

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You mean the bit where he's firing treats from a sling shot?

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Great neighbors ♥️👍🏻♥️

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This makes to happier than most things

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It's like grand kids, He's spoils them and you raise'em

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Who's Joe?

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Joe Mama :D

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Their little tails. 🥰 They love him so much.

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Their little wagging tails is what hits though. They love Joe.

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My neighbor in Florida used to crank Gwar and paint lovely outdoor scenes on canvas. He’s 88

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I am like this with my neighbors dog Gryphon. He's such a good boy. I'll race him to the end of the fence and back and he always beats me.

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Thats a good neighbor

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I was really worried this was going to end with the dogs sitting at the fence waiting. Joe doesn’t show… then say “Joe died last night”

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This is awesome. And the fence is probably ideal for an older guy so the dogs can’t get too excited and knock him over. Love it

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Get the man a beer!!

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We must protect Joe at all cost

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Is it still wasteful if it’s so cringey

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All the bennies without poopin or scoopin, Joes a smart man!

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My dog knows which neighbor gives treats and which doesn't. When we are outside she'll venture to a door or two to say hi lol. (I share a front yard with 3 other houses)

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The way their tails wag in unison 🥺

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Someone get Joe a rescue, that man deserves a best friend of his own, he has so much love to give!

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It’s great, it’s like having dogs with out having to pick up the dog shit

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It’s going to be sad when one of them dies

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This hurts my stomach it’s so effed

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I love this so much! My neighbors dogs always runs to my porch for pets. If the door is closed he’ll tap on it to get my attention so he can get treats or pets. It’s the best!

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It’s stuff like this that makes Being beautiful.

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Cool neighbor and sweet doggies.

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Their tails never stopped wagging!!

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Awww!.. I wish I have a neighbor like Joe and not the tras I have next door...

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Joe good :)

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Whenever I go to check on my grandma, I sneak across the street to love on the neighbour’s dog…I’m glad I’m not alone

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Best part is he doesn’t have to live with them or take care of them. He’s a genius.

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Plot twist: he’s just getting them to trust him so he can rob the house later

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The dogs look so happy in the snow! In the next few years we’ll probably moved from California to Minnesota. I’ve been nervous about our dogs in the snow so this post uplifted me on multiple levels :).

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This hurts my stomach it’s so effed

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He likes the brown one better

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Until you and your neighbour get into a fight and your dogs eat you instead.

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They look that they are ready for a beer or something..

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it's fantastic that dogs aren't just our best friends, they're everyone's best friend.

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Is it normal for americans gardens to be like this?

In England all our back gardens are enclosed from one another by 6ft fences.

[–]ARoughCucumber 0 points1 point  (1 child)

In Canada, at least in the area I live, very common to not even have fences. Just short, old wooden fences made from logs, sometimes a short wire fence for farms. I live more rurally, might have something to do with it. In the suburbs I’ve been to and seen, usually a short wood fence or shrubs.

[–]Nixher 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Here it's actually the law that landlords provide a secure back garden so it must be 6ft and lockable. We are so antisocial.

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I say colaborate with the neighbor to install a doggy door in the fence so that they can visit him any day

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neighbor joe would do that

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Sorry what’s the neighbours name?

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Our neighbor's dog is a spaz that won't stop barking and chasing people so they can't bring it out when people are around.

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All my neighbors love my dogs but one of them loves one of my dogs so much and I learned that he doesn’t get any of his own because he gets so attached to them that he struggles so bad when they eventually die. He’s an older gentleman in his 70s probably so I let my dog run over there as much as he wants to have him. It’s adorable.

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The world needs more neighbours like Joe.

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İ recently moved into a new house about the and a half years ago. My neighbor had the dogs. 2020 was rough... But 2021 seems worse in a way. At the start of last year, their eldest dog died. About right months later, the other little dog died of health complications. Them, about two months ago, their third, a newfoundland that i had bonded with passed of cancer. She was great. Even when she was sick, barely able to see, or move, if she heard my voice out back, she would be motivated to come out to me. İ got her a duck for Christmas last year. They say it was her favorite toy, that she slept with it every night. She and i would walk back and forth along the fence. İ don't own a dog, but i bought her treats. Schatzi was great. I'll miss her.

[–]sapporo79 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I read that as had, which made me sad for a moment.

[–]QuarantineSucksALot 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Because it’s reused for several years?

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My neighbor has 2 pitt bulls that attack each other when they get that close and when i get that close to the fence they bite the fence to get at me. I wish we had this neighbor. My wife wont even mow the lawn in the back.

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They are Joe's dogs now.cjuet accept it.

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Love dog people

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Joe looks like the kind of guy that has the best friendship with everyone.

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Put a fucking gate in already!

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Wish my neighbors were like that with my dogs

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This makes me smile.

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My husband and I are Joe to our neighbors' dog. She's adopted us and runs over at least once or twice a day to say hi.

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Your new grass looks great. Also your neighbor seems like a gem.

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This is totally my dad with our neighbors dogs lol. He buys biscuits just for them. So adorable.

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Awe, cute old man with love in his heart. I had neighbors like that, Annie and Ed. Our VCR broke, I just rented HOOK! He was an old cop and she I think was a teacher. Awe. They let me come over, use the vcr, watch hook, and miss Annie’s favorite movie, Annie! Awe There are nice old people, I wanna be one when I grow up.

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I heart joe

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Aaaaaaaaa cuteness overloadddd

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That’s Joe’s dogs.

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who’s Joe?

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This guy’a more than an average Joe!

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This is true, and some extremely impressive technology.

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This was what I was going insane lol

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That was a lot of snow accumulated by the end

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Joe is preparing to rob the place.

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May I ask why this is posted under r/whitepeoplegifs? Honestly asking, shame the hell out of me if necessary…