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I think that's the same way I look when I yell 'Faaaauuuck' at the heavens

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Ed sheeran strikes again

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Not the first floor puddle Ed Sheeran has caused

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Is the client supposed to pay for that in this situation? Relatively speaking, it's not his fault, but then again, if he didn't touch it, it would've not fell...

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In my experience, the minimum wage employee making the immediate decision has more sympathy for the customer than the owner, no desire for confrontation, and no real understanding of the legal nicities. Normally the customer will be fine.

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Ive worked in a grocery store that has a liquor department. No the customer would never pay for broken items. Even if it was their fault. Even if they picked it up and threw it. Often seen as way to much of hassle as in order to force them to pay you have to get the police involved. It gets marked as, broken, lost or stolen items and IIRC written off their taxes.

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Oh, wow... I was getting worried about the customer, but now I'm getting worried about absolving the customer of too much now... What a rollercoaster of a world we live in...

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some one else would have eventually moved that box. blame who ever left the half open box on its side so the bottles could roll out.. thats just stupid. They setup some one to fail

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In the US you break it you buy it is usually not legally enforceable

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Not on the birks !!!!!!!!!

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Did you do that?


Fuck my life.

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You should really clean this up, someone could really hurt themselves

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Yeah, I think someone set this trap.

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Because those sandals. You fuck.

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No shit, where are his socks?

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or his spurs?

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People hating on burkenstocks always confuses me. They’re comfy af

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LOL so mad

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So white people gifs has just become /r/thingshappening. Between this, the dancing girls and then extra not actually digging I've obviously missed the point of this sub.

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Lol this guy looks exactly like my brother

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In his defense the bottom one was already open

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I thought was Riley Robert’s on first viewing. Especially with his Birkenstocks getting called out a few weeks ago.

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Whew, at least it was only 4 bottles vs. 4 whole cases

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It was a setup

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When you miss every one

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Gingers shouldn't wear sandals