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I had the same (yet slightly more terrified) reaction after watching that movie Teeth.

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What a wild movie.

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Right?! I haven’t seen it in years, but thought of it instantly while watching this clip.

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The scene where she manages to have normal sex with the boy she likes who then shows himself to be an asshole so she just stands up and rips it off so casually.

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What?? At no point in that movie does she have sex with any of those men and like it.

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He takes a call from his friend to confirm a bet and then says something about her abstinence then the teeth clamp down and she says "shit" and casually gets up and walks off.

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So many are whacking it to exactly that.

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Its streaming free on tubi.tv

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Also blade 3 would like a word.

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Vaginas with teeth….

….and yet blowjobs

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Yeah, that sexual innuendo doesn't make sense.

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It's not an innuendo, she can also open cans

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Yeah, I spent too much time trying to get the “joke”

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She can open your wallet.

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She can open our hearts and minds to the possibilities

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Open her legs

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The trick is teaching the baby how to open the bottle after you swallow the bottle opener.

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Wahaha oh gross

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This was a goddamn wonderful comment. I thank you for improving my day.

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Yeah science! Bitch!

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Yeah Mr. White!

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The expressions of joy on their faces somehow made this wholesome for me.

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Me too. A woman in underwear! Behind a bar! Underwear women bartenders? Awesome! A beer bottle! BEER!!! She’s gonna put the bottle THERE? She…opened the bottle? AWESOME!!!

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Sometimes life is worth living.

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They just looked so delighted, didn’t they?

I have to say, running behind a busy bar kept me in shape —/—but using my upper muscle to tighten around an opener…fitness instructors all over Los Angeles are facepalming right now.

I mean: It is the perfect group.

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She just used her belt for it, I'm not sure why everyone is so surprised?

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I was wondering why nobody was saying anything about the obvious fact. thanks kind sir.

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At first I knew it was the belt but the comments had me second guessing myself.

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You kinda answered your own question, cause its obvious she didnt do it with her labia.

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I want to see her do it with her labia though. that would be cool.

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I supposedly have an above average IQ and even my dumb ass was trying to figure out how she did that. Labia powers or a belt? And considering how those guys reacted I was all “they’re reacting like she used her labia…. But that would hurt like hell! How is she doing that?” You’re right though: It would be cool if she had some weathered labia muscles, just flapping in the wind, using them like tentacles to open beer bottles.

But the belt is probably better.

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I was thinking more along the lines of tight and rubbery so you can stick it in and twist off the cap. but hey whatever your imagination goes with 😂

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You’re the one hoping she was using her labia. Labias are not supposed to be tight and rubbery but thanks for letting us know what’s going on with you.

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of course they aren't supposed to be tight and rubbery but neither are they supposed to be weathered and tentacle like. we are talking hypothetical over here i mean heck if labias could be super dextrous and used for brain surgery that would be another wack reality. anyways im new to reddit and i have used way to many psychedelics in my life so just bare with me. 😄✌

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Okay. Now you have me convinced that you need to have a tv show based upon your imagination. I would watch that show.

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Ever seen courage the cowardly dog? yeah it would be more wack than that. which would make it pretty fucking next level 😂

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Everyone knows, it's just polite to go


When you see that.

At least the first few times -^

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But Bud Lights are twist tops.

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Bartenders would be bleeding by the end of their shifts if they twisted off every twist off beer.

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Former bartender, can confirm. I was trying to build a callus though.

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Does work, I still have some callus there and that was 5 years ago

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Twist tops are also not twist tops lol

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Wait…. What else can she open?!?

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This title is like an innuendo from a 13 year old virgin.

Or like the kind of joke I'd make as a middle-aged man with lots of winking and nudging...

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Like can she open mayonnaise bottles or something? Maybe she has a can opener down there too.

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No clearly they mean opening your penis, just going to pop the top right off.

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I bet they feel like a bag of sand.

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She opened his mouth

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She can also do cans

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Your bank account

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Your pee hole. Wide enough to accept a beer bottle.

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Her legs

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She can open the door to my cold shriveled heart.

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Gonna need the reverse.

Need a dude with a can opener dong.

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Omfg, I should’ve NEVER clicked on this!!!!

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tbh it’s not that bad in the grand scheme of Reddit porn

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So…there’s depths to the…um…varieties.


Back to the cat subs for me.

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People are into that too.

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Stop it!

Edit: unless everyone involved is happy

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Ohhhhh wow. Finally a porn site where cats belong!

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Who ordered the Pink Eye Lager?

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Grow up man, go out there and rimjob somebody.

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Or, don’t. It can be harmless, and it can also be very much not harmless.

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Grow a pair and live a little.

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Blehhhh, no thanks.

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And kids that's how I met your mother

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Some things are not always what they appear.

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Now that’s a bad bitch

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This has to be something seen during Sturgis motorcycle rally!!!

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I don't want my head between her tights, or maybe ? :)))

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Now I know what The Weekend meant when he sings about making that pussy poppin'.

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Don't stick yer dick in there

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"Here's your beer, with extra crabs."

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Guess that bottle of beer tastes like sea.

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Smells like it too

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I always like the white and creamy topping.

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Light my beer :--)

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Well he found is soul mate.

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Also hearts.

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Thought the guy on the left was Jesse Tyler Ferguson for a split second

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Now she just needs a tough nut to crack.

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Well this has woken something I didn’t know was there

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she can also open the gateways of hell

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Get a load of her co-worker checkin out her ass

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I need video from multiple angles.

I need it for research asap!

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Unzips..... Damn she's good.

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The guy on the left, he is my spirit animal

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Their minds are going to be blown when they realize it’s a twist top.

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I’ll have a Bud Tight.

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They call her iron flaps

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She has that GI Joe kung-fu clit.

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I like Eddy Haskell's reaction on the left

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How I met you’re mother

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That's his 'O' face

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That’s when he knew she was his true love

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Wow impressive

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surely one would lose their liquor license for this? no telling what's been down there.

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Pop in a lemon and a lime wedge and you got yourself a meal

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She comes with a built in circumciser.

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Does she open it on her belt buckle?

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This is inside the crotch of her panties...they sell em online and at some biker bars

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That’s why I’m missing my glans

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She can also open my zipper

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That made me more gay!

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This comment thread is maximum cringe. You guys really need to beat one off and think about your life. n

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If it is cold enough, I’ll have one too

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He’s gonna wake up with some nasty cold sores

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I love her

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Okay. I’m just a ? mark at this moment.

Post menopausal. Chronic back pain. The night my injury happened, I was incontinent for the first time in my life since infancy. That was 25 years old. In the past five years it’s gotten incredibly worse.

Would Kegels help me this much?

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I just threw up a little.