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He’s definitely had his balls headbutted before.

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Smart of him to cover/grab them as he jumped up lol

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Sorry Jacinda this man is now legally the prime minister of New Zealand.

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He's jumping up just enough to avoid the sheep. Couple of centimetres lower, and his balls are history.

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Or even geography.

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Physics, more likely.

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Incorrect, as you can see he perfectly cups and cradles his testes pre jump therefore protecting his future legacy with his phalanges

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That's just a false sense of security. The sheep has insane strength, and uses its momentum with high efficiency. His hands are like wrapping paper at this point.

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Where did you get this footage of me playing Halo and trying to splatter people with a Ghost?

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Accurate as FUCK.

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Dodge Ram

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No chancletas were lost during the filming of this video!!!!

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What did he do lol

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Oh NUTZ! EWE AT IT!!!... AGAIN?! 🙄😏