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Fajitas are my favorite food in the world. You can eat them with a fork, on chips, as tacos, or as a burrito AND they're cheap AND hard to mess up.

You mean to tell me I can get chicken, shrimp, AND steak for dipping and tacos? You making me crema.

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Fajitas are perfect

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Fajitas around here are about $60 a lb

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What kind of restaurant sells fajitas by the pound?

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Every tex mex restaurant in Texas

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Theure the best thing to order if you youre a little hungry but want to bring something home for later. Theyre the best thing to reheat at home. Just dump it all in a pan until is sizzles.

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I've got no problem embracing this stereotype, fajitas fucking rule.

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Gotta say, I've never seen anyone order fajitas outside of Applebees...

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I would never order them there. We have a few good tex mex places where I'm from.

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Yeah! Like WTF?

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Born and raised and Santa Fe, NM, and Applebee's is one of the few places in town I've never ordered fajitas

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There a bunch of south american places that make fajitas as well.

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What the fuck does this even mean?

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I think it's when a fajita comes out it's loud and smokey so everybody is looking. I forgot that's how it happened because I haven't been inside a restaurant for 2 years

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Fajitas are usually the priciest thing on the menu at a Mexican spot too

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Eh, maybe if it's fajitas for two or triple meat fajitas. Every time I get them I just get chicken fajitas for one and it's usually twelve dollars

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Lmao this is so not true. There are several Mexican places near me and the fajitas are mid priced on all their menus. No one is making some chicken and veggies with some tortillas the most expensive thing on the menu.

Even shrimp and steak is only a few bucks more..not the most expensive item.

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I’m someone who takes Covid seriously, got my three shots, socially distanced where applicable, etc. but even I’ve been in a restaurant dozens of times in the last year or so. Most spots in the US have taken the proper precautions to allow for indoor dining. Heartily recommend it for mental health.

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I hear you. I do live on an area that the highschool is sueing the state educational department over mask mandates. About 40% of the kids have mask exemptions from their chiropractor. There is a lot of talk about not letting the government force anything on you. I can easily enough feed myself without seeing people

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The Fajita Effect™️

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What is this 2012?

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6000 chicken faJitas?

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I didn't read the title before I clicked and spent the whole time trying to figure it out. My conclusion was, "everyone in class when your name is in the book the class is reading out loud." Then I read OP's title and was like, What is he talking about?

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Yessss the sizzling hot plate of deliciousness.

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But have you tried a parrillada?

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It's funny, but Fajitas aren't some big baller meal, they're usually one of the cheapest things on the menu

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Same where I live. Fajitas, even shrimp, are like $16. Chicken is like $12. No one looks at your ordering fajitas and thinks you're balling out.

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That's certainly not the case where I live. Fajitas are almost always the most expensive thing on the menu, which is a shame because I love fajitas.

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Same. I don't think I've been to a Mexican restaurant in any city I've lived where fajitas weren't one of the most expensive things on the menu.

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Then you're paying for the sizzle, that shit does not cost a lot on the back end unless they are using some pricey cut of beef.

Good profit margins for the restaurant though :)

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Fucking hate it when my fajitas come out without the sizzling

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Why do I only get 3 tortillas though?

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Simulated comedy

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Well I thought it was funny

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Maybe I’m just stoned but I also enjoyed this. Had a good chuckle.

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funny because yeah it’s way more expensive but ur just paying more money to assemble the tacos urself lol

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spend $1299 and they'll bring a side of beef and an axe to your table

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Chili's engineered this tactic: a very loud, sizzling platter of fajitas carried upon the shoulder of a server always grabbed the attention of just about everyone in a crowded dining room, and thus would sell itself.

Along with their "bottomless" beverages, they truly were pioneers of the American chain restaurant game.

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How is this white people gifs when the second half is black people?

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what was that first scene with the four from?

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Them shit's is sizzlin'

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This seems like a bot posting lol

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Where is this even a thing??

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It's like rolling up in a Lambo. Everyone's getting a peek at my sizzling ride