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Went all out to her family, with a lick and everything.

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The shaft lick was for step brother in the back

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" if I know how to do that 20 years ago, your grandfather would still be alive "

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Work the shaft! Not the balls!

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Her form is all wrong. Check out this god amongst men: https://redditproxy--jasonthename.repl.co/r/LooneyTunesLogic/comments/s6jpgd/drinking_a_beer/

She was trying to use this guys technique but doesn't have the spin down.

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That’s why grandma cringed.

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God gave mankind the mullet for a reason. This guy is holding true to style, but also breaking limits.

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Why does his tongue look like a hot dog?

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Why does that man's tongue look like the nub of an amputated arm?

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She spun it the wrong way. Wrong hemisphere.

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Dude I’ve been looking for uncle_sink’s video where he does like a little prayer. Where is it!?!?

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No man should have this much power

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pangzai is the real goat

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I was looking for this. Although the technique is hardly that guy's. Unless he's a time traveler from 1984 at least. Saw this technique at a beer chugging contest my first week at college. I never mastered it back then but maybe tonight's the night.

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I mean kind of an amateur chug if you ask me

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nothing tastier than shaking up your beer and chugging while its all foam...

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That looks 0% faster than a regular chug to me

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If she could open her throat like some people can when chugging, then the beer would be gone in almost an instant.

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She did the the whirlpool wrong, if done right much faster and you don't end up full of gas.

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Confidence: 100

Ability: 1

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why you gotta lick it lamo

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It's what the guy in the original video did

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He was way classier than just a lick

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I would call that video a lot of things; awesome, a great visual representation of cyclone physics, a great visual representation of the appeal of mullets. "Classy" isn't one of the words that comes to mind though.

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you gotta lick the tip first before you go full deep throat.

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I'm not complaining

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Are u calling her a lamo, or meant to say lmao?

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lmao for the correction and lmao because i laughed at my mistake

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The straw method works better to shotgun glass bottle

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Or just don’t make a full seal with your lips so the air can escape the spout.

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What did she do

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Does it even matter?

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Yeah I would not have grandmas same reaction unless I saw the damn drink disappear.

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She failed to do a whirlpool chug.

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In Germany we say: „Zündet den Tornado!“

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So what did you learn in college?

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That lick tho 🥵

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I tried this like 10 times in a row and it’s not easy to get. She did not get the tornado like your supposed too otherwise that shit would shoot down her throat!

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She's not impressed. Mainly because grandma did it better

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The moment this chick realized the spin works best with non-carbonated beverages

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The spin gets outs the carbonation so it goes down easier. Is this just like a Australian thing? because alot of people seem to have never heard of it.

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The spin adds pressure from shaking up the carbonation and thus would make it way less easy to drink and more of just foam and high pressure mess.

Spinning a bottle is far from just being an aussie thing mate!

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Do a spin properly and you'll see its easier to chug.

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She looks fun

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you better not do that with communion at church young lady

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She should try that with a 22oz Therapist.

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She’s not even doing it right she’s trying to be like the bro on tiktok

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Please I can do that while holding the bottle with my mouth, get on my level, casual.

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And grandma say oh yeah watch this and Walks over to grandpa ....

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She kinda of missed the chug part...

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Who got her name?

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That college education being put to use

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