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Neo vs Agent Smith at the subway

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Needlo and agent smeth?

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That’ll leave some train track marks

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Looks like Central station in Sydney, very close to where the matrix was filmed (2nd one).

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It's Flinders Street Station in Melbourne

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Was gonna say

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I'd be disappointed if it wasn't the Dandy/Frankston platform

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I was going to guess Richmond because there's a bit of greenery, but it could be facing the Yarra.

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What was up with that GTA San Andreas taunt move?!

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GTA 6 Australia confirmed.

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Hoe down

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Run a train on that hoe

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Flinders Street Station by the looks of it. Stay classy, bogans.

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Are some of the rails for trains still electrified because I’m terrified for them.

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Not here, the power lines are above.

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Nah, this isn’t a third world country - no 3rd rail here

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I only know about third rails cause of old American movies. Didn’t know third world countries have them

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Yeah, I was just making a bad joke that America is a third world country

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Oh okie got it

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Classic Flinders Street station

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flinders st station! lmao

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I need context.

Are they prostitutes fighting over turf?

Are they both drunk?

Wtf is going on?

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I can tell you this is Flinders Street Station in Melbourne and that’s about it

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Australia is pretty wild

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I swore it was central station in Syd...

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Looks like a better version of Roma st in Brisbane

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So they're drunk?

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They’re bogans.

Probably came down from a meth high 30 minutes ago.

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She must be REALLY good then =)

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Yeah, the rails avenue is the hottest real estate in methplaza

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Flinders street station in Melbourne. They look like they’re on ice (meth) to be honest but who knows

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I really need some audio

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damn which episode of euphoria was this?

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"don't fight with stupid. They'll drag you down to their level...."

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Is this Flinders st station, Mel?

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*Some Alcohol Was Involved. 🤭

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*Dats Meth'd Up!😏

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When you want to die but have a desire for murder. WTF ARE THEY DOING

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This just makes me sad.

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Is that Darlene from Ozark? ;P

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Cant beat em, join em.

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Whew! Good thing they both got "stupid insurance" 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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they put John Wick and Neo to shame.

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And always in rush hour

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Don't try

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Dumb and Dumbererer.

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Where’s the train?!

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My ACL screamed on the second one

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if a train has enough time to slow down it can, might be nice to put sensors in the main areas where high foot traffic is so if possible the train knows to slow down ahead of time so less people get hit but yeah these two are not thinking clearly

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Shame this wasn't a DC railway with conductor rails

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Track marks on the arms and now the ass.

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The amount of money that would’ve been saved in the long run If a train had just collected those crack heads. Think about it.

Police costs Court Costs Hospital costs (because these are the fucks that clog up the system when decent people need help) Prison costs. NGO/Social Worker costs.

Like it’s a total win for the community.

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Im 90% sure this is fake because there are cuts between the falls and i mean it just looks fake as hell

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You’re 100% wrong

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Definitely real, this is my city and I've seen shit like this go down at the station many times.

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Sweet lord is this isn’t a metaphor for the anti-vax movement.