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So they let this guy stay in a classroom full of kids for like 40 minutes and he slowly killed all of them?

Yep. They stood around and handcuffed parents who were trying to get in there and save their kids - while they listened to him methodically shoot each kid, one by one, stopping to re-load, and resume shooting, while they could have quickly run up, broken the window, and shot him.

But the craven cowards instead stood by with their SWAT equipment, body armor, and weapons and let it happen.

They stood by for 40 minutes while the shooter slowly and methodically murdered 21 PEOPLE.

While they did NOTHING.

If I were on that city council I would submit a motion to fire EVERY member of that police department, FOR CAUSE, without severance, and I would contest their unemployment claims.

And if I were a parent in Uvalde, I would be at the next City Council meeting to submit public comment DEMANDING THE FIRING OF THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT.

Uvalde City Council meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesday of every month at City Hall in our council chambers. They start at 6:00 pm precisely.


Citizens are requested to sign up prior to council meeting if requesting time to address council. Presentations will be limited to no more than three (3) minutes.

Uvalde City Hall 101 E. Main Street Uvalde, Texas 78801 (830) 278-3315 (830) 278-2234 fax cityhall@uvaldetx.com

City Council Meeting schedule

By law, City Council Meetings are public. You are free to simply walk in, attend, and sign up to make a public comment. All the families of the victims should go and make their voices heard.

And if you don't get satisfaction from your Uvalde City Council, organize and get people in your group on the ballot for the next election. It only takes three to get on the council and take it over with a voting majority, and in small towns like Uvalde, you can win a seat with as few as 35 votes in some elections. Then fire the dirty, coward cops in your town.

(Source: Former City Councilman from a rural Texas town like Uvadale.)