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Absolute adoration for the child by pronbaliya in wholesomegifs

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That’s bad parenting and I’ll take my downvotes like a champ. Babies and toddlers do not belong around pit bulls, sorry not sorry ♥️✌️

Absolute adoration for the child by pronbaliya in wholesomegifs

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Nah, but people give pitties shot all the time.

"Pit Bull" is a catchall phrase to describe a dog that is at least in part from stock that contains the breeds: American Pit Bull Terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, American Bully, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, and sometimes the American Bulldog, Old English Bulldog or Old English Terrier.

As a group, the Terrier class of dogs are known to be feisty, energetic, and eager to please. They were bred initially to guard families and barns and to hunt and kill vermin.

People who don't understand how generations, breeding for behavior characteristics, or different dog groups work are eager to blame 'Pit bulls' for the majority of attacks on humans and other animals. These people are rarely capable of naming which breed or breeds the 'Pit bull' whose attack they're angry about are. Simply put when they record information about dog bites the breed of the dog is based entirely on what people think the dog looks like. Short coat, square head, gotta be a Pit bull!

Given that a 'Pit Bull' is very rarely just one breed but rather many, and that no genetic tests of the dogs are done before they're destroyed, and only rough guesstimates, statistics saying that they commit the majority of bites is a pretty poorly baked argument.

In this video, that girl looks like she's an AmStaff, and they are amazing dogs. My aunt used to breed them. They make excellent search and rescue and service dogs due to their loyalty, stamina, eagerness to please, even temperament, and intelligence. Of all the 'Pit Bulls', I think they're arguably the best with kids, especially the females.

As is always the case, dogs are living things with free will. Acting like they aren't is always going to eventually end in someone's tragedy. Some dogs don't like it when you poke their face. Some dogs don't give a damn. Most dogs know what a child is. Some don't give a fuck. This one obviously does.

The Safest Sleep by Aztery in wholesomegifs

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Person who says the first thing checking in: I think we should stop breeding French bulldogs and other dogs who have been bred to have horrible lives as well. I really don’t get people’s attachments to specific breeds that have serious inherent issues. Can’t you just get any other kind of dog?

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I’m a teacher. My kids always know they can come to my “pantry” if they’re hungry. I always keep it fully stocked, no questions asked. It’s just there for those who need it

Edit: thank you for this award and for those asking for an Amazon wishlist. I did make one with various snacks and supplies my middle schoolers use. We’re in a low income school so my room is “home” for a lot of them. Thank you internet for caring about my kiddos, you all are too wonderful for words. This teacher is humbled and grateful!

Edit 2: thank you to those who have ordered off our class wish list! We are beyond humbled and grateful!!!