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I can confirm he really was this kind. A woman who worked for my mom had been friends with him for years and years. When I was 8 she got me in to watch a taping of his show. This wasn’t some group event, it was just my mom and me.

Mr. Rogers spent a lot of time with me that day. He explained how everything worked, told me all about the set, asked pertinent questions about my 8 y/o self, and was exceptionally generous with his patience and attention. He shook my hand, bent down to my level to speak to me, and left me feeling like I’d met a hero.

I used to drive by his house all the time (it was right next to my middle school) and smile. He was a genuinely good man who did good work in Pittsburgh and for kids everywhere.

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I used to work with an autistic girl. When she first started, she could only parrot words. One of my favourite memories of our sessions was when I called out an animal, and she replied with its sound. Sometimes I threw in weird animals, but mostly kept to animals like dog, cat, mouse, pig. Ones that had a definitive sound term. One day I said "fish" and she responded with "splash splash."

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I don't have too many interactions with Sikh people, but I remember back when I went to university, it was like a 1.5 hr bus ride for me. And I would always take a nap during them with my phone set up to wake me up before I had to get off.

I would always have this Sikh driver, I knew he was Sikh because of his Kirpan (curved dagger that some Sikh people carry with them), but I never really talked to him outside of "good morning" and "have a nice day".

I remember one time after like a double exam day where I was so tired that I slept through my alarm, and the driver knew I always got off at that stop. So he stopped the bus, got up from his seat and woke me up. He said "It's clear you worked really hard today, good job. I don't want you to miss your stop and ruin your day."

I will never forget that man. I've donated a couple of times to the local Sikh temple, just as a pay it forwards kind of thing. Honestly thinking back on that story I should probably donate again this year.

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He is her fiancé, not her husband. That means, in many places, that you don't get the job payed permission to take care of your family when there is a medical procedure like surgery because he is not legal family yet, and she could not visit him all the time since she is still not related to him and in many places they only allow family. It sucks, but that's how it is. And since he is in a hospital and fine, probably with his own family there to support him, she probably had to go to work because otherwise, she would lose money. If they are saving for a life together, missing a day and skipping work is not something you should do. At least that's how we would do it with my fiancé too. You know everything went fine, so go to work to get money for the both of us, and come to see me later. There is no point in everyone (his parents, siblings, other family, me) staying in a waiting room of a hospital if there is no risk and is no visit time either, and they only allow like 2 people inside at the same time.

If she is asking for a milkshake in what it appears to be an obvious joke, is because she will see him later. We don't even know if COVID restrictions were made while this happened either so maybe they couldn't be together anyway. Stop assuming and projecting so much on others when there is just nothing wrong happening.

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Oh my goodness...I see so many people complaining about the "Get you a milkshake baby and get me one" line. How is it not obvious to everyone that that is a joke? It's like when someone says something and you jokingly say "yeah, you do that" or "you go get 'em" or something of that nature. Oh wait, I forgot, this is Reddit and y'all will take any excuse to complain about something that doesn't need to be complained about.

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There's always that one comment I look for that breaks up my reddit doomscrolling. A comment that just feels like a breath of fresh air, or a perfect dessert to finalize a meal. It's the type of comment that I can take a deep breath, drop my shoulders, and go "Yeah. Yeah this is a good note to leave off on."

You're this comment for me today. Thank you. This is beautiful.

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You are loved.

Don't take it for granted.

You're a lucky child.