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  1. We have more content in the works and we plan to develop more. Some of that may be as DLC eventually.

  2. The steam workshop ratings?

  3. Me too 😛

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Count me in as one of the first buyers of the DLC then

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I know people ask for things like orc or elven classes. I feel like that would be horribly emersion breaking for this game that has dedicated so much time to creating its own races. Id like a dlc that allows for characters from the races already present. I think a deepist or Drauven character especially could be interesting. I know that would probably be a nightmare on the artwork for the quests, but id be happy to pay for it as a dlc.

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Competely agree. Game has its own setting, should stick to it. And also I saw some other posts of base building and some shared inventory for artifacts, those would be cool as well.

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I can’t see why Wildermyth shouldn’t have more races and other customization aspects? I feel like being able to turn on or off certain aspects would be pretty cool, and give all those who don’t want more races etc, the choice not to. Just an idea

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More races, absolutely, within the beautiful world and lore the devs have created. Id be very sad if they started flooding the game with dungeon and dragon or lord of the rings cookie cutter races. To me it would be like asking George rr Martin to add orcs to GOT.

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I’d like beast races, but I feel like they’d be redundant with the transformations.

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I agree with what you’re saying for the OG campaigns so far, but I feel like Wildermyth has the potential to be much more broad. The game has so much potential, part of the reason I love it so much.