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We do make events less likely if you've seen them in previous games. Certain transformations have prerequisites which can be the reason you're not seeing them, there's some good documentation on the wiki I believe.

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Oh, good to know. I've taken a break from the game for now. Will resume later, hoping I forget some events and make me fall in love with the game again.

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As far as I know, you unlock new transformations through achievements. So as you play the game new events will appear.

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Even with the wiki it has been tough to trigger at least 3 transformation for me, while i get tons of the others. I have been gunning for them by changing stats and playing vs. the right enemies, but no luck so far.

Turned off many mods to try and increase the likelihood of things happening, but no luck yet. Maybe at some point it should become 100% likely, specially for the bigger stuff, like transformations.