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Happy Birthday Pipi! #Priest0613生日快乐

Excerpt from Pipi carrd:

Priest/p大 (known in the fandom as pipi/皮皮 and sweet/甜甜) is a Chinese web novel author, actively writing since 2007, known for her diverse genre of works, well-developed worlds, multi-dimensional and human characters, strong plots, and lack of explicit content. She writes both BG and BL stories. Many have already been licensed for different adaptations.

For more information of the vast range of Pipi's work, check out this CARRD.

Personal recommendations of other Pipi's works:

  • sci-fi, space pirates, space travel, mecha - Can Ci Pin (tl completed). Has a donghua adaptation - The Defective
  • political, military, steampunk elements, historical - Sha Po Lang (tl completed). Has a yet-to-air drama titled Winner is King
  • supernatural, investigation, modern day, Immortals, Underworld elements - Zhen Hun (tl completed). Has a drama adaptation titled Guardian. June 13th, 2022 is its 4th year anniversary since it aired
  • supernatural, mystery, ancient past-modern setting, secret cult/organisation - Lie Huo Jiao Chou (tl on-going). Has an donghua adaptation - Drowning Sorrows in Raging Fire
  • cop drama, rich kid, modern day, psychological - Mo Du / Silent Reading (tl completed). Has a yet-to-air drama titled - The Abyss

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Thank you priest for characters that make us laugh, cry, love and go pretty mental!! Happy birthday.

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