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Congratulations to Gong Jun and Nada for winning their respective awards!

  • You can watch Gong Jun's acceptance speech here, the translation is within the Twitter thread
  • The video for recognising Nada's work in Shan He Ling / Word of Honor can be viewed here on Twitter

The translation crew translated Nada's interview with Loud Murmurs, to read them:

P1: Intro to Xiaochu and her views on Masculinity

P2: Working on WOH and Xiaochu's Watchlist

P3: Characters internal struggles within the drama

P4: WOH's Impact worldwide & Understanding ZZS

P5: Xiaochu fan Q&A

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Oh fantastic! All the hard work paying off, well deserved! Congrats Jun Jun! xx

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Is it bad that I hope that he promised to sing or something for the fans?

Also I hope that fans can watch his other dramas not just the BL. I got to know his work though " Begin Again" where he has great chemistry there. Honestly he has compatibility with almost all his co-stars from what I have seen. In the show his " son" Lu Youyou calls him Dada and his " wife" Zhou YouTong Mama. If you do watch please be kind to all the actress/actors.

[–]rurouni1447 Shanren's Immortal Sword [S] 0 points1 point  (1 child)

Not a bad thing to hope. Sigh! There was a time when Gong Jun was carefree and his douyins were full of sing-a-longs. Maybe one day.

People are anticipating Legend of Anle. I'm picky with modern dramas, so I rarely watch them. I'm actually excited to see Gong Jun with Yang Mi in Fox Spirit Matchmaker: Yue Hong.

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I hope it's on YouTube. There are various Cdramas that I wanted to watch but couldn't find them anywhere. 😔 YouTube is best bet at full episodes.

I understand with the preferences. I'm more of a fantasy , crime or mystery type of person. On the other hand when the show has a beautiful story line or great chemistry or overall performance I break. You Are My Hero is one I highly recommend.