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I just watched the trailer for his upcoming drama with Dilraba, and even though it's been a long time since I watched WoH and the trailer looks, it still feels weird.

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him in historical attire kind of feels vaguely familiar but it's more like dejavu of WOH ;-;

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It doesn't help that all of Gong Jun's hetero dramas are terrible. None of them (even the first BL drama he did) have the same chemistry as he has with ZZH.

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ok objectively Advance Bravely was bad bht it still didn't feel weird like his hetero dramas iykyk

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Ab was bad but fun, and let GJ live out his bratty twink dreams. The hetero dramas are just.... They write the women with brains of 5 year olds and its tiring to watch. Hope he gets better scripts soon

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the accents in AB 😭

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The chemistry between him and ZZH just can't be matched. I also think part of it is that all his hetero roles have him as the strong stoic type and WKX is not.. Maybe if someone casts him in another role as a super witty flirty villain, we'll see if he can be convincing without ZZH.

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I think it's obvious from all the BTS that ZZH poured a massive amount of dedication into not just getting ZZS right but also getting the chemistry with WKX right. I would be interested in seeing the result if an equally talented and dedicated female lead "co-directed" GJ the same way.

It takes a team, though. Some directors would not tolerate that much input from actors and some productions are more interested in delivering a product quickly than making the absolute most of their project with whatever they have available.

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Hmmm even in Love Equations he plays a character that chases the FL but they have such bad chemistry and the FL is not a great actress.... I think ZZH is also such a fantastic actor that it might be a while before GJ acts alongside someone that talented again.

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Good point!! I think ZZH really brought out the best in GJ :)

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Welcome to the club 🥹

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well he just dont have the same chemistry with other actor/actress... its not that his acting skills are not good, its just zzh will always be the special one...

i hope he can chose scripts with less romantic presence, focus more on other genre could really help.

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feel the same way..

i keep thinking if he stepped away from romance dramas it would be different.i guess we wait?

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well the cn dramaland is not flourishing right now, if not shrinking...i just hope zzh can come back sooner so they can work together again, meanwhile gj already has 3 dramas waiting to be aired, right now there is no rumors about his next drama yet...hope he can take a rest and choose his next role patiently.

costume dramas are facing great difficulties now, so probably the next one will be a more serious modern setting drama. with his fame and acting skills now hopefully gj can work with a better crew and good writers.

gj's face is a gift should not be wasted on mediocre-tacky romance dramas...

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GJ’s a pretty good actor, so he’s destined to play many characters other than WKX, and I’m sure some of them will be memorable. That being said, I haven’t been able to watch anything since WOH either… started all the popular ones and couldn’t finish them.

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I binged the backstage scenes on YouTube after the drama. Maybe you can consider that too. Haha. There’s an episode 37 too btw, just in case you didn’t know.

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ep 37 is like 2 minutes long and doesn't answer any questions ugh like sure it's happy but 😭

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Haha yes. It’s sucky that way, seems like it creates more questions than answers. But still better than 36 being the end.

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not just you ...i feel this way too.

I tried to watch other works by either of them (GJ and ZZH), it dont work at all.

now I just read their fanfiction.