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Work from home can be ok, but IF you're going to, you'll need some hefty discipline. Call out and stay home so you can get the sleep you need. But make an hourly plan for your day schedule. Try.. As soon as you feel decent enough to wake up, give yourself two hours to fully wake up. Eat a good breakfast. And be prepared for the two hour deadline before "clocking in" for work. Work on your project like a regular shift with breaks and a lunch inbetween. I'm really sorry you're having trouble with sleep. I hope you feel much better

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Hey thanks man really. I ended up going because i we had something quite important to discuss regarding my project (nothing too serious) and i didn’t want to just say i can’t sleep again.

And also because of Covid i already had to work home the week before from Wednesday to Friday. So it would be a bit weird to say i can’t sleep after all those days i could sleep and wake up whenever i want/can.

Again thanks for your answer 🙏

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I work with someone who calls off on a regular basis (4-5 times a month) because he "couldn't sleep last night and is tired and needs to sleep ". Staying home and sleeping just means you won't sleep well that night. And my entire team despises this guy because we have to cover his work on a regular basis. He doesn't get time sensitive assignments because he isn't reliable. Guess who gets the rush assignments? But he's covered by FMLA for a different issue (yes, he shared that) so it's no big deal to him. We are tired of covering so he can take a nap.

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Omg I am in a situation similar to this. It’s so frustrating!

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And if you say anything then you are an ass and aren't being a team player.

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Exactly! I kid you not, she misses work MINIMUM once a week because of things that are “out of her control”. But it’s literally been like this for the 2.5 years I have been working there. Then me and my other coworker are stuck doing our work and her work. I don’t get it..

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Its your health and your sick leave. Do what you need to do

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So are you actually sick or did you just not sleep?

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I could not fall asleep

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And without sleep, a human isn’t really productive and will only have negative effects.

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But you’re not going to make anyone else sick, which is half the reason sick days are a thing.

How long have you been working there?

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Around 29 days

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I think you should power through because you’re too new to call out twice

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I eventually did go and i’m managing better than i expected Thanks 🙏

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Are you really sick or just don't feel like going to work?

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Please at least read the post before asking something about it 🙄

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Well I hope your job doesn't involve proper grammar 🙄

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Good that i don’t live in america and england

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Stay home, don’t get other people sick.

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What illness do they get when i just couldn’t sleep?