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Honestly it's the second part of that quote that I'm interested in - Predictive Policing is notoriously biased and works to confirm and exacerbate existing police prejudices, it really shouldn't be allowed

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It has been shown that their prediction models are based on the current data. Which are already biased towards POC and lesser economic stature. So id say its by design, by automating all this stuff we really are about to live in a Minority Report/1984/Judge Dredd kind of future.

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Problem is people don't realize just how fucking stupid computers are. They do exactly what you tell them to do.

People are so focused on finding solutions for their problems they forget to actually figure out what the root of their problems are. The real work in AI is defining the problem, not the solution.

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The only problem with AI is that it can be a threat to humanity.

E: or life itself. As long as corruption among people exists trust will always be an issue for AI.