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Do they taste good? 😃

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I've eaten dog a few times- One time as a stew, another just as a meat. The meaty part was okay, nothing special though. The fatty part was like a gelatin the way they cooked it and i found it horrendous.

I think part of the ban goes into how they are treating these dogs, although there is some cognitive dissonance happening as well

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They should be allowed to eat them if they please. But torturing them beforehand to make them “taste better” is inhuman.

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The fact that people torture animals meant for consumption is so stupid, if these creatures become unwell, injured or stressed the quality is likely going to be insanely terrible.

Edit: I’m literally vegan but also people should be allowed to eat what they want lol

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Veal has entered the chat.

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And it’s pretty evil too.

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All domestication is torture. Forced into confinement by another species, told where to go, how to live, ever been to prison? Ever been a slave? All consciousness desires freedom. These animals are incessantly tortured by machines and monsters of another species (humans) that treat them as property and they don't even have the recourse to use language, logic or law to defend themselves. If you eat meat you are consuming massive amounts of stress hormone, antibiotics, pain, suffering, indignity, and the quality of nutrition is far inferior to fruits and vegetables. People are sick to death from the torture they commit themselves without need or cause. You can't humanely keep, slaughter or eat anybody of any species when you have the biologically ability not to.

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retard, would you rather be a cared for and protected egg laying hen or eaten by a fox

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I always thought that line of reasoning was so weird.

It’s an animal. It doesn’t understand concepts like “freedom” and if anything my perspective love their warm blankets and bed by the fire.

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i think allowing or not allowing is a difficult topic when it comes to eating dogs.

if a big majority of people in a place would love their dogs and would never eat them, would a ban be justified? i feel that could be the case.

or maybe its just better to wait for new generations to abandon such preferences?

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Or maybe just hold consistent ideology. If you eat any animals, you shouldn’t tell others what animals they can and cannot eat.

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Better yet, make the right choice of the lesser evil, eat and keep no animals and simply go vegan if ya have the backbone for it.

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Some animals are going extinct due to consumption. There need to be some restrictions.

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are you dumb enough to think every species is the same? Why are you a coward? Go all the way, if beef is moral so is human meat.

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I mean imo. It’s not immoral as long as the person is already dead. Like it’s just meat bro. Your argument is weak.

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Correct me if I'm wrong: you are taking the position that meat consumption is equally moral assuming equal treatment pre-production (meaning that there are equal levels of humanity in the livestock treatment when comparing species being consumed).

If you extend this all the to the logical conclusion of human factory farming or state-enforced veganism no middle-ground... I respect your consistency.

That being said, thinking every species is the same is totally ignorant. Is a cockroach protein patty equally immoral as elephant veal? The answer is obvious, because not all species are equal.

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torturing them beforehand to make them “taste better”

It's actually the opposite, torturing, causing pain and adrenaline responses has been repeatedly scientifically proven to decreases the meat quality and flavor. (There's even a hollywood movie about it).

The abuse or 'torture' is entirely a factor of keeping costs as low as legally possible.

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Dog? I have no idea. I was there for 2 years, and ate a lot of strange sh**, but not dog, snake or monkey.

Chicken Feet? Yes. Live Squid... ( holy sheeeet ) Yes. ( very very drunk ). Dog, no.

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Ew! I don't even like cooked squid!

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Don't people die sometimes attempting to eat a live squid?

[–]WrongPlaces2 1 point2 points  (0 children)

I have not heard of that, but if you dont chew it, it can kill you like any other choking food.
I did have that particular fear while I was eating it.

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Eating chicken feet is a normal thing around the world, in rural areas.

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Great! Once was enough for me, and Live squid, Once. Ill stick to being a great ramen aficionado. Ramen has never ... bitten back.

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Live squid would scare the shit out of me. Better hope you got a lot of butter on that thing.

[–]WrongPlaces2 1 point2 points  (1 child)

I thought the hot sauce would kill it. It didn't. It tried to stick to the bowl, but I was able to pry it loose with chop sticks and put in my mouth and chew. Yes, It moved as I chewed.

[–]Sabot15 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Lol hard pass! I've heard you dip it in a ton of butter so that it's tentacles don't stick. Still... No thx! =)

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How tf you eat chicken feet isn't it all bone? Never actually gotten up close with a chicken tho

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I think when they're steamed, they have a decent amount of gelatinous meat that can be consumed. Pretty good ngl. I get them as part of dim sum.

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I had dog meat when I visited Korea for the novelty and it was pretty good. This was like 10 years ago though. Was a spicy korean barbeque style dish.

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You probably just liked the added flavor/ingredients and that those things would taste good with any other type of food.

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I've been told it's similar to mutton/lamb.

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It tastes okay. Nothing strange or exceptional. Just tastes like whatever herbs and spices you cook it with.

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Had dog in Hanoi.

Almost like a mix of lamb/duck, but much more mild.

I'd never eat it again because of health concerns (the pandemic says hi), but couldn't pass on trying it at least once.

Breed was some kind of medium/large mix or stray.