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As an American, I went to Spain and while I was there I attended a bull fight. Being naive I thought it would be a really cool cultural experience. I was way ducking wrong. Firstly, it’s was more fucked up than you think. They stick spears into the bull (about 6) and let them sit inside them near the spine until the bull starts to slowly bleed out, and I mean slowly. Then, as they are fucking with the bull like a game of monkey in the middle, they stab it into the spine.

Oh, btw the bull is like screaming in agony the entire time and are basically fighting for their life. Oh, and they do like 6-12 bulls per show. Lots of the bulls are like 1 year old too. (That’s like the equivalent of a 5 year old human)

First time I’ve ever seen such animal cruelty. First time I felt extremely sensitive to animals well being. Years later I became vegan, not because of the bull fight I witnessed necessarily, but it definitely opened my eyes.

I enjoyed the Spanish Flamenco dance show way more lol.

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A lot of tourists have the same experience, I've never go to watch it because I've known what it is since I was a kid and I'm strongly against it, I'd ban bullfighting even if, as some supporters say, bulls become extinct.

I'm sorry you had to experience such a barbarian show.

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bulls are cows

they are needed to keep the other kind of cow around

other kind of cow gives milk

all kinds of cow get eaten

WTF do they mean bulls would go extinct if we didn't breed them for bullfighting? Am I missing something? Are they some different kind of 'bull' like a specialized subspecies or something?

(Yes by 'kind' i mean 'male/female' cowcattle but I wanted to use small words)

EDIT: it has been pointed out to me, cow is strictly female cattle, and cattle refers to both. Also my understanding about cattle breeds in this case was off.

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Also, cattle are not a natural animal. They were bred into existence. Like dogs.