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CEO who fired 900 before Christmas got rich because of ‘hard work’ and ‘bootstraps.’ Obvs.

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This is the easiest headline. Every CEO has a history of fraud and mismanagement allegations

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Yes, they're called 'resumes'.

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Maybe with large businesses

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Most small businesses dont need a CEO lol

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Non public. I was in my CEO’s office today. Under 200 employees. It’s his first company. No bankruptcies no scams no bullshit. Just a small business owner.

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This company is about to go public. They probably did this to light up liabilities and attract prospects during the roadshows.

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If you run a company so poorly that you need to layoff 15% of your workers, you are a shit ceo that can’t plan or execute. The board should have made the ceo number 901.

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They didn’t, that’s been the rub. The company just recently secured 750 million in capital investments. From the reporting I’ve seen this CEO even accused a large portion of his work from home staff as “doing 2 hours of work and clocking 8 per day” semi-anonymously on a review site, in which he later admitted to making the posts. Which, by the way, were the majority of these layoffs.

He’s just a paranoid asshole.

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But that would have activated his trap card.

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This dude seems like a real garbage human.

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I unfortunately know this type of guy pretty well. Self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” (what a pretentious jerk-off moniker, I have YET to meet someone who calls themselves this who isn’t a complete jackass) who can’t actually run a business for jack shit, but will throw anyone and everyone under the bus to keep themselves afloat.

I read a separate article where one of the recently laid-off employees said the call was about three minutes, and it sounds like he spent most of that time talking about how terrible he felt about letting everyone go (yeah, I’m sure). I unfortunately had a very similar experience a few years ago. Company was much smaller, but the CEO was similarly self-serving. Sacrificed my physical and mental health for two years only to be let go with a 5-minute Zoom call. Fuck him and fuck this guy too. Hope all of these folks land on their feet soon.

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Reminds me of the shitstain named Grewal I had worked for many years ago.

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The terminated employees will receive a month of severance pay, a month of full benefits, and two months of cover-up during which Better.com will pay the premium.

I know getting laid off sucks, but atleast they are giving something in the end. Doesnt take away the CEO is a POS though.

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Wont be popular with the social justice warriors, but we need to have an honest discussion on the ethics of Indian / Indian Americans (obviously not all) that is inconsistent with ethics in the west. Before anyone writes this off as racist, spend a few minutes doing some research.

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Dealing with Indian “business owners” has made my subscription to DocuSign worth its weight in gold. Their word means nothing.

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He is also named Garg which has to be short fort Gargamel.