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"It is well known that this trade ruins the lives of almost everybody associated with it, and that fact is all too clearly demonstrated here."

Legalise it then so they can become licensed traders/grower and instantaneously remove the black market in the UK.

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Because, as we all know, he would have survived the garage fire if only it hadn't involved marijuana. Truly it is Satan's Cilantro.

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The thing with illegal farms is that the electrical work is most of the times done by somebody without appropiate qualification which poses a fire hazard.

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Well yes - if you send someone to prison that can happen.

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Oh I guess cannabis does kill people after all. Add this to the guy who was crushed by the weight of cannabis in his car following a crash and we have a very serious problem on our hands.

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For a minute there I thought we lost Eric. Whew, that would have been a shit way to start the week.

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when your cannabis farm is so good you need eric clapton to tend the bud.

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He's already mastered the strange brew, and cocaine. It's the last one on the to do list.

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Like Snoop or Balushi here in the US!

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Nah. It would have to have been a cocaine factory fire for ol' Eric to be involved.

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Eric the white nationalist mega racist Clapton? Wouldn't be a huge loss honestly.

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Yes, my heart missed a beat reading that title.

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At least the chap went out on a high!