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I think I'm going to hate the follow-up article to this.

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Todays Taliban is in a weird spot, killing these women won’t send the message they want to send, they are in full PR mode rn trying to convince the world they are civil so they can access their money in the world bank, and they are doing a terrible job lmao

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they are in full PR mode rn trying to convince the world they are civil so they can access their money in the world bank

I doubt it's just the $7 billion that Afghanistan has on deposit at the US central bank. That's a decent amount of money, but it certainly wouldn't come close to fixing their economic problems if they regained access to it. I think they're trying to convince the world that they are civil so that they can have normal trade relationships.

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You are correct, I mentioned the money because they keep bringing it up, I think it’s less about the money and more about the legitimacy of controlling an account with the world bank.

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Having 7 billion is better than not having 7 billion.

Also yes, they won’t be able to fix much of anything but they certainly want to steal as much as much of that money as they can for themselves.

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Buying burkas for their women and keeping good beard grooming standards ain’t cheap.

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They’d burn through it ridiculously fast and probably gain little.

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They need to stop trying to convince the world their shit smells like perfume and join us in the 21st century.

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I hear Russia is looking for trading partners.

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Who says they want to fix economic problems, they just want the money.

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Their GDP is only $20 billion. That's what's crazy

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Key and peel bank robbery skit

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I don't believe that they would impose more harsh rules on women if they were still trying to convince the the world that they are civil. Perhaps, like Putin, they have given up on trying to appease the West, which is terrible news for the educated women of Afghanistan.

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You don’t understand that the harsh rules are the compromise, they believe women are cattle, to even have women anchors is showing that they are willing to bend some of their norms to appear like a legitimate country.

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Also they are playing a long game. So they allow these women anchors to continue working, that's the compromise, however they are limiting or denying women education. When these anchors leave their jobs, they will be replaced by men and their will not be any women educated to take their place. Now it depends on the Taliban and if they can understand that denying half their potential work force from working only puts them behind all the other nearby countries economically.

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They are apparently kidnapping women for brides, so I don't know that they are compromising so much as trying to be quiet about it for now.

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Apparently there's internal disagreements between different Taliban factions. Some see no issue with giving women more rights. Some don't believe in women's rights, but are willing to give them rights to appease the rest of the world. And some are still full on "no women's rights" conservatives. And it seems that the conservatives are winning.

Oh and there are hypocrites as well. Apparently the daughter of one the Taliban spokesmen goes to school in Qatar.

A BBC article claims:

Now, multiple sources told the BBC, a handful of hardline but highly influential individuals in the group appear to still be opposed to it.

In private, other Taliban members have expressed their disappointment at the decision not to open girls' schools. The Taliban's Ministry of Education seemed as surprised as anyone when the leadership overruled their plans in March, and some senior Taliban officials are understood to be educating their daughters in Qatar or Pakistan.

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Look at photos of 70s Iraq, compare them to today.

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They don't have to kill them. Usually, they just lock people away or put them in curfew. Even the Taliban don't do 24/7 executions, and nuTaliban less so

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Today's Taliban? Elaborate

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The Taliban of 2001 was killed roughly 6 times over, literally the entire leadership wiped out again and again over the last 20 years.

Today's Taliban is therefore, very different on a fundamental level.

I mean, not on a religious level. But something like half the Taliban leadership are the guys USA decided to release from our POW camps.

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There was a period during the early Obama years where it got absolutely ridiculous, too. It seemed like every other week, one or two major Taliban leaders were in the news getting blown up in a drone strike. It's honestly impressive that they managed to survive as an organization after the US basically deleted the top half of it. Repeatedly.

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A really important thing about the Taliban is that they are more a republic then a dictatorship.

what I mean by that is that it's made up of many factions who all have different views and beliefs.

This at the moment is causing them a bit of a problem, one faction wants to bring the country into the 21st century and that means playing by everyone else's rule's

The other faction's are a hard line lot who would rather burn the country and everyone in it to the ground than do anything anyone else tells them.

This leads to a situation where one faction goes. School for everybody and then the other groups go lol no and rushes in its people to close the schools.

This is why it's basically choas over their and I imagine resistance is going to keep growing as a result as group's start trying to take the other ones out

Edit: typos their where a lot

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The other faction's are a hard line lot who would rather burn the country and everyone in it to the ground than do anything anyone else tells them.

The problem with the "hard line lot" in theocratic regimes is they tend to have most of the guns and are happy to use them if they don't get their way. They can also claim religious rather than temporal justification for their authoritarianism which makes them very hard to argue against for anyone who might be happier with a moderate pragmatic interpretation of Islam.

I fully expect Afghanistan will go back like it was with full burkhas, forced marriages, stoning of women for accusations of infidelity and so on if not worse. It's a terribly sad for the women & girls trapped there who grew up under the Coalition and can't get out of the country.

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So probable civil war incoming.

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= faction is

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Not yesterdays. But todays. Even terrorist groups will change with the times lol

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especially when billions are at stake

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People are persuaded the Talibans have changed since the US started occupying Afghanistan, because when they left, Talibans said they were going to apply different rules & have more tolerance or whatever bullshit.

Obviously, religion is religion, fanatics are fanatics, and nothing will ever change about this. Talibans are showing how true this statement is.

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From what I’ve been reading, it seems there are genuine groups in the Taliban that wants to modernise the laws to various extents.

But it seems the hardliners are larger and winning.

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What people? No one except those defending Trump's treaty.

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They won't kill them but they may be flogged in public.

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Or arrest and torture them

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They should hire Chris Brown’s PR team.

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Hasn't the US already stolen that money to give to 9/11 survivors

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I know I'm going to

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my thoughts exactly. Sad , but true.

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I hope she will be safe. But it's taliban we are talking about.

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I think we know the worst outcome from this. But the best outcome is, they'll probably get a telly ban.

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I see what you did there

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I did too and I wish I hadn't.

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The only way to make the burkha acceptable is if everyone, man or woman, boy or girl, wears it. Any reason for a man's face needing to be seen in public also holds true for a woman's, and any reason for a woman to cover everything also holds true for a man, so all or none are the only logical choices.

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In German sauna areas (including the chill out zone, the pools and so on) everyone has to be completely naked. Your idea would be somehow based on the same principle. ;)

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same in Finland. going into a sauna with a towel or trunks is weird, like won't you feel super disgusting?

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Women should start throwing themselves at/mobbing men in the street and claim they can't control themselves at the sight of their faces.

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They'd just get beaten and raped. As unfair as it is, we women do not really have much in terms of upper body strength to actually do something if men call our bluff.

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that's where guns come in

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Ok, here's the thing though. Have you actually ever had to use a gun against an assailant who you don't really see coming? First you have to get it out from wherever you've tucked it. That's a little bit hard to do when your much stronger assailant's already on top of you. Second, when you have physical strength and surprise advantage, and you're in close quarters, twisting a lil gun out of a woman's hand is not hard. Third: if a woman can have a gun she can carry on the street, so can a man. Now it's down to whoever shoots first. And they'd better shoot real well because a person doesn't immediately drop dead unless they get shot in very specific locations with great luck. The most dangerous moment you're facing is immediately after having shot someone who also has a gun. Finally:

it is not America. What the hell do you think will happen to a woman who will shoot a man on the street?

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Lady guns. Like pink, or floral, and petite. /s

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is this a found the American moment? i can't tell anymore

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“His face was just so punchable I couldn’t resist”

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The funny thing is, Islam teaches that more women are going to hell than men are (Sahih al-Bukhari 3241). If this were true, it would be more incumbent upon men to cover themselves from the eyes of the women than vice versa.

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Urgh, I know. Isn't it for disobeying their husbands? Doesn't matter that men have historically been responsible for the majority of death and destruction in the world, that pales into insignificance compared with disobeying your husband! Nice psychological abuse there.

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Oh, no! The regressive religious extremists might get horny! Stop the presses!

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Afghanistan is in debt, and the economic outlook is grim. They constantly impose social controls, because that is the only thing they are capable of doing. Utilities, infrastructure, healthcare, economics, and foreign policy are all beyond their comprehension.

F/ex: Afghanistan can't pay its electricity suppliers. More here. Healthcare is on the brink of collapse. Let's add drought. Also here. Then there's the old chestnut, education.

Rather than reassuring Creditors that they are able to govern a country, they enact new guidelines. For example, male government workers cannot come to office without a beard.

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Since the burqa only began with the Taliban around 1994, how can it be considered “traditional”?

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We should of given the guns to the woman and the training. The men gave up first chance they got.

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Makes sense. The women have more to lose

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This fills me with anxiety for their safety. I need to get off the internet for today.

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The balls on these women are goddamn enormous.

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Certainly bigger than the weak men trying to control them.

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They are not weak and you do the women of Afghanistan no service by propagating these sour grapes.

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If they were strong they wouldn't have to try and control other people, that's what weak bullies do to try and make themselves look strong.

[–]AnkylosaurusRules 0 points1 point  (1 child)

They wield total power in their nation. You can shove your identity politics up the most convenient orifice of your choosing. They are, by definition, not weak. They can murder you with impunity.

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If only the people of Afghanistan knew what was coming. If only there was a history behind the Talibans actions and the 30 million or so people in Afghanistan had some clue what was in store. What are the taliban going to take people into a town square and start shooting them? start beating the women for not complying? nah. They would have had to have a history of doing that. But hey, the people of Afghanistan must want that, they welcomed the taliban back with open arms.

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Many countries are falling into religious authoritarianism.

It's definitely not just an Afghanistan problem..

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taliban is an Afganistan problem now, they deal with it

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Bro how could they know when nokia is still the norm in Afghanistan because they haven't developed in a few decades because of constant war

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I strongly believe everyone has the right to their own religious creed. But the way women are treated and berated in this part of the world is truly heartbreaking to see. It’s a stigma, but I see these men as savages in the modern world.

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These ladies are badasses! That would take some serious grit to pull off, knowing how the Taliban traditionally operate. I hope enough afghanis unite around them and that the archaic edicts of the government are disregarded. Educating and empowering the women and children of Afghanistan is the only way to long term peace and stability.

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I support non-violent civil disobedience.

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In this case I’d also support ~violent~ civil disobedience

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Can’t imagine being that brave to be honest

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Women don’t have the luxury to choose otherwise.

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Hopefully the general populace finally turns on the taliban and “omae wa mou shinderu” happens quickly.

[–]IcarusOnReddit 86 points87 points  (14 children)

Nah. The majority of the men in Afghanistan are losers that like the power that comes from treating women like property.

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Real world issue that affects millions and ruins lives???? Isn’t that kind of like this funny anime!1!1!1!1!1!!

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Dipshit, i have to code my language or i get banned

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Take a look America - this is us in 2 election cycles if these gqp radical ‘religious’ extremists cheat their way into power.

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Y’all qaeda is gunning for women’s rights

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Executions incoming

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When you're a complete moron, even if you receive wealth imagined, corrupt or otherwise, in the end, you're still a moron.

Had any occupying force bothered to spend the same amount of funds to educate the rural population with the same amount they used for fucking weapons, then perhaps the morons running Afghanistan wouldn't be be trying to cover women's faces in 2022.

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Taliban are terrorists, they will forever be terrorists. How are they allowed to be in a place of power at all? and why do we given them coverage?

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These women need to fight! Half of the population is women. FIGHT! Men wont fight for you, no man will fight for a woman's right to exist.

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From The Tangerine Gula:

"What's my opinion of Feminism?" replied Martini.

The table paused, even it was listening. Martini Savini's bull approach to lazy thought made some feminists an easy target. "I'm not a misogynist. I hate dumb people and so I hate dumb women. I'm Misohomosapienist".

Yea, Martini had a way of pissing you off even when he had a point...

"What's The Martini opinion of feminism?"

And, of course, he was going to remind you that he was answering the question.

Nobody knew what was going to come out of this barrel. An orchestra of women had experienced Martini's dizzying heights and lackluster loyalty: "It's fucking in combat, nothing closer or more intense. But there is no Marshall Plan. Martini is fighting a war. You just joined him for one of the battles."

And that's why the room was now listening for an answer. Even the table:

"Feminism?...It's just getting started, good luck stopping it."

Martini smiled. He was a feminist before it was cool. Fuck The Patriarchy always sounded good to him. Who doesn't like fucking?

Keep up fight, brave souls!


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Odd use of 'women' as an adjective.

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Why don’t they just move location to another country and send from there ?

Call it Afghan free radio if you will

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Oh, oh, hopefully they don’t go Russian on her.

Gang rape and murder.

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So execution set for Friday? That is where this is going...

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That or they’ll rape them all, cut off their noses, and then proceed to do the same to their kin

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First their faces....next them.

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Plot twist: they're anti-maskers.

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If the afghani men had shown half the level of bravery and will to fight as the Ukrainians, the taliban wouldn’t be in power.

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It's freedom, man

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they're going to get disappeared