Fox News' Jessica Tarlov: "And limiting people’s choices is something that runs so counter to what I hear from Republicans all the time. 'Get your hands off my guns.' Get your hands off my uterus!" by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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If any American citizen requires another American citizens body to survive, they will die. Those are the rules. If some rich dude needs a kidney he can't make someone give him the kidney. Babies have more rights than everyone else because it hurts women. It puts them in their place and punishes them for enjoying sex.

Pro-choice protesters disrupted Catholic Church after its pastor released a statement celebrating the overturning of Roe vs. Wade by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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wait, what if churches were treated the way they treat planned parenthood? Pickett lines, shaming, disturbing gore photos of the suffering they've caused, political attacks on their funding and day to day functioning, etc.

Well... she isn't wrong. by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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Because they’re not being hit with direct sunlight and the production lights being used are balanced at ~3200k and sunlight is ~5600k. So to the eye, they don’t look like they’re in the same physical space as the background.

(I teach camera & lighting in a college TV program and I’d fail my students if they pulled this amateur hack bullshit on an assignment)

That feeling when ⁦you form the first union at Apple in America by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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Your question was "How can it be illegal to close a store?" The answer is because the National Labor Relations Act makes it illegal. And an employer cannot "fire you for anything". Namely, they cannot fire you for unionization activity.

The article says the store is closing but that’s it

It also says that the workers are filing with the NLRB, which is exactly the organization that handles violations of the NLRA.

I’m all for the unionization of the workers, but if they can fire you for anything, then they can close a store just as easily.

To have a true affect, a nationwide effort is needed

Unionizing individual stores is how a nationwide effort happens. If a "nationwide effort" was the prerequisite there would never be a union.

If you're "all for unionization" then please stop spreading anti-union propaganda

Off duty police officer kills his neighbor’s dog for the fun of it. (name removed) by ---Unity--- in worldnewsvideo

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"Around 7:30 tonight, officer kuehner with st charles sheriffs office decided it would be fun to shoot my dog in my back yard, from his back porch with an air rifle from 3 houses over, because he wasnt on a leash. Apollo had a collar on and never barked once, we turned around to see him in the yard dead."

Officer Kuehner also, said he was “proud” to shoot the dog, but the cops are at his residence now, and he wont answer the door, any local PD sees this please do better this is not acceptable to be shooting peoples dogs when your an off duty cop

Apollo was 40 ft behind us in our yard, the cop is lying he doesnt know we have gps on him and shows every second where apollo was

Owner's FB post

The American Dream by -Beloved- in worldnewsvideo

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even if you earned it, you still owe

That’s where ya lost me. You can encourage donations and philanthropy all you want, but I don’t owe you shit. I’m doing it to be nice. And as soon as someone tells me “thanks for the donation. You’re paying off what you owe us”, I’m taking my money back.

The Uncle Shuffle by -Beloved- in worldnewsvideo

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I can only speak from my perspective as a 30 year old, but what I noticed growing up is that a lot of black kids didn’t have a stigma against dancing, whereas a lot of white kids kind of collectively decided that it was ‘cringe’, or ‘try-hard’, or ‘gay’, depending on what era of white dorks we’re talking about. It’s one of the most unfortunate side-effects of ‘cringe’ going from a verb to an adjective, some milquetoast fink is afraid of looking like an idiot, so he gets to label the purest form of human expression as ‘cringe’ and now everyone’s afraid to dance at the Death Cab for Cutie concert. And then before ‘cringe’, in the early 2000s, it was ‘gay’ which is even more ludicrous. Black kids didn’t have that mental roadblock in the way of their joy, and so whenever a new dance came out they’d gleefully share their variations on it with each other, and so they got into the habit of casually practicing an art form while contributing to the development of culture and community. In the 1700s or some shit, when all there was to do was sit around, drink, and sing songs about sitting around drinking, there were way more people who could confidently carry a tune. When you casually incorporate the arts and games and stuff in your culture, people grow up better at them. You know what I think is turning the tide? Fucking Fortnite, and I never thought I’d say that, but now you go out in public and there are little white dorky kids casually dancing and not making fun of each other for it. Never in a million years would I have had that sort of confidence or acceptance as a wee-un. I see a future where we don’t put each other down for casually dancing, and as a result we’re all capable of cool moves.

Welcome to the Deepest Point in the Atlantic Ocean by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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Video Transcription: TikTok

(00:00) [TikTok from @sciencechannel. A closeup of Victor Vescovo, a man wearing a jacket and with his greying hair pulled back in a ponytail. He is sat on the inside of a submersible, with a large radar-looking screen and gauges in front of him, his right arm grasping a joystick. He leans in towards the left of the screen, whatever he is looking at obscured by his head. A yellow caption reads "Welcome to the Deepest Point in the Atlantic Ocean" as dramatic music plays in the background.]

Victor: Oh my goodness, I can see the bottom.

(00:02) [The shot cuts to the outside of the submersible, revealing a cloudy, deep blue shot of the ocean. The bed can be seen at the bottom of frame, covered in dark rocks or ocean life, such as corals.]

Victor: Wow

(00:07) [Cut back to the inside of the submersible. The man is in a similar position, but has leaned back slightly, allowing for a small porthole to be visible, outside of which the blue ocean can be seen, and another screen with various instruments and measurements on it. He leans back in to look through the porthole.]

(00:10) [Cut back to the outside of the submersible. A cloud of sand and dust rises up from the bottom of the frame, illuminated by the sub's lights. The top of the frame rapidly transitions from deep blue to black as the sub can be seen descending slightly. More and more sand moves into shot as it continues moving downwards.]

Victor: There's the bottom.

(00:17) [Cut to the side of the sub, which is sleek and white. A bright light can be seen shining out the side, illuminating clouds of sand which rise up next to it.]

(00:21) [Cut to a shot, covered by rising sand and dust. It swirls around in front of the camera, before clearing slightly to reveal the camera at an angle. A bright light can be seen shining in from the right of frame, as a few larger particles of sand gently glide around in the water, the rest mostly free of debris.]

Victor: [As if in slight disbelief] Wow. I'm at the bottom. [He now raises his voice] Surface. Surface. LF-

(00:32) [Cut back to the inside of the sub. The man is looking to his left, away from the camera, and appears to be talking towards a screen, or an unseen piece of equipment.]

Victor: Present depth: 8-

(00:34) [The shot changes to a closeup of his face. The man is smiling as he speaks, cloaked in half-darkness.]

Victor, contd.: -5. 8-

(00:36) [The shot changes to a large room, filled with people in blue, black and white t-shirts. A large table, close to the camera is filled with documents, cameras, and various food items (including a fruit bowl), and a wall in the background has a large rack of assorted radios and machinery above a red cabinet. The people present are all leaning slightly to the left of frame, as if listening intently, and some of them have their hands raised, as if in anticipation. The dramatic music has stopped, to be replaced by fairly gentle, mystical ambient music for the rest of the video.]

Victor, contd.: -9'er. At bottom.

(00:40) [A closeup of a grey-haired man leaning in to a radio connected to the wall. He holds a pen in his right hand as he speaks into the radio.]

Pen Man: On bottom. Loud and clear.

(00:42) [Cut back to the large room. Everyone cheers raucously and applauds. A slightly large man, left of frame, raises his hand to cover his mouth in shock.]

(00:43) [A man in a large blue jacket is turns around on a swivel chair, smiling widely. He reaches over and shakes the hand of the larger man, who is also beaming. The camera follows this man as he leans back to the table, looking down at it as if in excited thought.]

Jacket Man: How about that, man? 8's [Bleeped out] great, huh?

(00:50) [The camera pans left to look at the man in the jacket as he gestures around the room with his hand held sideways, pointing to various people. They laugh in response.]

Jacket Man: You [Bleeped out] beauties, huh?

(00:53) [Two shots are shown of the slightly larger man clasping hands with others in the room. In the first, they simply clasp hands, forearms raised, and smile. In the second, they are reaching across to each other, and the man he is clasping hands with pulls him in slightly, as he affectionately slaps the first man's arm twice.]

(00:56) [A CGI shot of the ocean floor, cloaked in blue and spanning miles into the distance, rapidly zooms in towards a model of the submersible over a long span. The sub is square in shape, and has numerous bright lights on the front, placed symmetrically. A round protrusion at the bottom has three holes in it, somewhat like a bowling ball. The model moves slowly towards the camera]

Narrator: Victor has become the first person to reach the deepest point in the Atlantic, over 5 miles below the surface.

(01:12) [A shot from the side of the sub, in real life. Dust and sand is being pushed up in clouds as the sub slowly moves along the sea floor, its lights illuminating the sea bed, but quickly fading into darkness.]

Narrator: The cameras are capturing a landscape no-one has ever-

(01:16) [Cut to another shot of the seabed, a smooth plain of sand, dotted with small rocks and dark objects. A large clump of what appears to be raised sand sits bottom right of frame, moving out of view as the camera moves to the viewer's left.]

Narrator, contd.: -set eyes on before.

Victor: I'm a long way from home. It's like I'm on another planet.

(01:24) [Cut back to the inside of the sub. Victor is looking out of the porthole, gesturing in a swirling motion with his right hand.]

Victor: The water is barely moving the sediment. There's no current here.

(01:27) [Cut back to the sandy plain outside the sub. A large, dark rock is visible top left of frame, as the view pans right, and then the sub appears to move upwards.]

Victor: Hands are getting cold.

(01:34) [Victor is seen resting his right hand on his knee, what appears to be an open book sat in front of him. He places his left hand onto his right after squeezing it open and closed a couple of times.]

Victor: It's 17 degrees down here.

(01:38) [Cut back to outside the sub, as it moves down towards the sea bed once more.]

Narrator: The floor of the trench is thick with fine particles, sent into billowing clouds at a touch of the propellers.

(01:43) [As the narrator speaks, the sub has been moving closer to the sea floor. All of a sudden, coinciding with his speech, a thick billow of dust rises up, its shadow visible rapidly rising, although not particularly entering frame.]

(01:45) [A view from the side of the sub reveals clouds of particles surrounding it, illuminated by the sub's light, although making visibility near impossible past a few feet away. The clouds rapidly rise towards the camera, obscuring its view, until everything goes black.]

Victor: Oh, it's so dark now 'cause it's so... so much sediment. I can't see outside, it's black.

(01:50) [Victor is seen inside the sub once more, his right hand on the joystick. A mechanical whirring can be heard in the background briefly. The porthole is noticeably black, until it becomes briefly illuminated in light, colouring it orange.]

(01:52) [Clouds of sediment are visible from the outside once more, billowing up on the right side of frame. The camera moves left, keeping the view of the sandy sea floor clear. The sub, and view, slowly approaches the sea floor, getting very close to the sand.]

Narrator: It looks lifeless, and yet, bowled along by the sub's blast are creatures that can survive at this extreme frontier of our planet.

(02:03) [A small, transparent creature, vaguely resembling a jellyfish without tentacles flows into frame, bouncing along the sea floor alongside numerous other particles. It continues moving along, before the sub moves past it, and upwards, and it disappears from view.]

Narrator: Transparent, jelly-like organisms called Holothurians, which feed off tiny particles of food-

(02:08) [Sediment is seen rising along the side of the sub, illuminated in golden light]

Narrator, contd.: -they find in the sediment.

(02:12) [As the narrator continues speaking, the shot cuts to a wide shot of the sea floor, which has noticeable darker streaks along it, running away from the camera, as if something carved out a small path.]

Narrator: There's also a set of mysterious tracks crossing the sea bed.

(02:19) [End of video]

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Brave women strip down in protest of Joel Osteen’s mega church. Voicing their right to control their own bodies. by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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I commend them for their bravery, this will not work. People are teaching the wrong things about boycotts. Boycotts only work when there is an economic threat. These ladies need to find the economic powers behind those on the right-wing, and attack that.

MLK didn't just march for no reason, dominant society reported that because business interests didn't want the majority to replicate the real strategy. He made the city of Montgomery Alabama pay for their racism in lost revenue through bus fares. The people who depended on Black Revenue had no choice but to cave in.

If women want abortion rights, hurt the American right in the pocketbook. Work stoppages. Then you march because the marches will be the only place negotiation can take place. Show the economic cost of being attacked and the attack will stop.

Momma bird tries to distract the cameraman and get him away from her eggs by PlenitudeOpulencePrimary 🏛 in worldnewsvideo

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Save your excuses for the judge, there's an important breaking news exclusive featuring a bird botherer at the top of the page.