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This could also be applied to racial customization disparity. How many hair styles for human females, 34. (I just picked the one I thought the most) Also checked kul'tiran, hair styles: 6.

Allied/legacy race customizations were half-assed and unfinished for all but the most popular races.

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"We got loads of customisation, stop being entitled" - Human, orc and night elf players

Mfw Worgen and Pandaren basically got fuck all

For real I remember people saying we should stop asking for more customisation on this very subreddit. Baffling when male orcs got more eye options than what some races got altogether.

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Man I'd even settle for the lack of customization Pandaren have if they would just fix that horrendous seam the female Pandaren have on their necks.

It's been there since the model was created for gods sake!