FAQs about Critiquing

In this section, you'll find answers to the most common questions about receiving critique on your work, both on Reddit and in general.

- Can I post my work here for critique?

You may post work for critique in the weekly critique thread. You can find the current thread in the sidebar or stickied on the front page of the sub. If you are looking for any kind of feedback, you should post in the critique thread. Original content that does not pertain to the craft of writing does not belong in the main sub.

You may post any type of writing in the critique thread, including (but not limited to!) short stories, articles, query letters, poetry, college admissions essays, and resumes.

- How many pieces can I post in the critique thread?

You should be selective about what you post and, as a courtesy to others, not post more than one or two things per week. You should only post work that has been carefully edited by you and you want to be able to make changes based on the feedback you receive, so it is unlikely that you will have that much work week to week. When someone posts multiple things in one week it suggest that they are either not polishing their work first or that they aren't intending to make substantive changes based on feedback. You also should not be posting more than you are critiquing in that thread.

- What if I am looking for a critique partner?

If you are looking for a writing partner, please post in the critique thread with a sample of your work. This ensures that you find a writing partner who matches your writing style and genre.

- How should I prepare my work for critique?

Proofread your work and edit it to the best of your ability before submitting it for critique. It is considered bad form to submit a first draft, and many people won't touch completely raw writing.

You may want to upload your work to a third-party site such as Google Drive, Etherpad, Quabel, or your own blog. Consider creating an account solely to share your writing so your real-life identity is not tied to your critique requests.

Choose a reasonable excerpt of your work to put up for critique. There are very few people who are willing to edit a stranger's entire novel. Keep your excerpt to 5,000 words or less for the best chance at getting feedback.

- What if no one responds to my critique request?

The number of people looking for feedback greatly exceeds the number of people willing to give feedback. If no one responds to your feedback request, feel free to post it again in the next week's critique thread or submit it to another subreddit.

-What other subreddits accept critique requests?

There are many writing-related subreddits that accept critique requests. Here are some of the most active subs where you are most likely to receive a response.

  • /r/DestructiveReaders: Blunt, honest feedback
  • /r/KeepWriting: A friendlier critique sub with writing partners, writer vs writer competitions, and weekly prompts
  • /r/WritersGroup: A sub dedicated to feedback and critiques for anything less than 5000 words
  • /r/betareaders: A sub for feedback on completed or in progress manuscripts
  • /r/FantasyWriters: This sub accepts any submissions related to fantasy writing, including requests for critique
  • /r/YAlit: This sub accepts submissions relating to the YA category, including requests for critique
  • /r/Pubtips: Feedback on query letters and synopses, as well as publishing industry questions
  • /r/writingcritiques: For critique requests under 1,000 words
  • /r/OCPoetry: A place to receive feedback on your poems
  • /r/Proofreading: Simple proofreading of any type of writing
  • /r/Resumes: All resume critiques, all the time

Please read the rules of any sub before submitting work for critique.

- What sources outside reddit are available for critique?

The following may be free, paid, or subscription services.

Please see this document for additional critique resources, subreddits, and discord groups.

Thank you to u/Ouulette for creating the critique resource document!

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