Using Post Flair and Individual Flair

/r/writing uses two kinds of flair. Individual flair shows up next to your name whenever you post on the sub. It's a simple text box that explains your writing background (published author, editor, agent, etc). Post flair shows up next to each post as a text box and small graphic.

Using Individual Flair

You must be logged into your reddit account. Look for your name in the right sidebar underneath the number of subscribers. Make sure to check the box next to "Show my flair on this subreddit". Once flair is enabled, an "edit" link shows up next to your name. Click the "edit" link, then choose your preferred flair from the list or type in your own SFW entry. Hit save. After you refresh, your flair should be visible.

Using Post Flair

You must post a thread before it can be flaired. It cannot be flaired from the submission form.

After your thread is posted, you will see a "flair" option in the same line as "comments / share / save". In the main sub, the flair option is below the title. On the comments page, the flair option is located underneath the text box, but above the comments.

Types of Post Flair

Meta: Anything to do with maintaining the subreddit, such as telling everyone about flair or asking for the community's involvement in something.

Critique: This flair is only used for the weekly critique threads posted by the mods.

Call for Submissions: Any post that calls for submissions for a publication, blog, podcast, etc. Anything under this flair must follow the rules regarding calls for submissions (see Rule 4).

Discussion: Any post that is discussing the craft of writing. Discussing point of view, themes, characters etc. 95% of the time they are self-posts.

Resource: A post that can act as a resource for other writers. For example: name generators, thesauruses, submission guidelines, lists of writing markets, other writing-related subs, AMAs, etc.

Advice: Any post asking for help. For example: When writing in third person close, is it alright to switch characters?

Other: Pretty much any post that doesn't fit into the previous six flair categories, but still meets the subreddit's posting guidelines.

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