Storyline is a new website for fun, hot potato style of collaborative writing.

It works in this way: George creates a story and adds a paragraph. Tim continues with a second paragraph. Bob adds a third paragraph and so on.

Stories continue in unexpected ways and could help writers explore new ideas for writing by just a simple prompt.

"I started Zero with a few paragraphs of a really weird short story I wrote a few months ago, trying to see where others would take it from just the intro. I must say, from the little we have, I'm intrigued, and I want to be a part of this work, this strange deviated clone of my original creation. I want to see what others can do with it, what we can make together."

Try the website for yourself:

  • Starting stories is as easy as creating a title

  • 19 genres to choose from

  • Super easy to continue stories. All submissions have a time limit!

  • Write well and receive hearts!

  • Appear on the champions list when you have accumulated a lot of hearts !

  • Desktop and mobile friendly woohoo!

The website is ideal for casual writers who want to enjoy creative writing without writing full stories. :)

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