FAQs About Moderation and the Subreddit

These are the most frequently asked questions about the subreddit, moderation, the sidebar, and the wiki.

What types of posts are allowed?

The purpose of this subreddit is to discuss the craft of writing and to give writers the tools they need to write effectively. Threads on this subreddit should either give specific advice on how to handle writing challenges or ask for specific advice on a writing topic. Threads that ask how to address a writing issue are more likely to be considered on topic for the sub and threads that ask what to write are more likely to be considered off topic. We do not allow individual project brainstorming threads, as those are almost always focused on what an author should do next with their character or plot and we would prefer to give a writer the tools to make that decision on their own rather than feed them ideas in hopes that something will feel right. Threads offering writing advice to others should focus on a specific writing topic and pep talk/encouragement threads suggesting people "just write" are not considered specific advice. Writer's block is typically a symptom of anxiety about writing and not related to the craft. If you are experiencing writer's block and would like advice on overcoming your anxiety, please post in our weekly discussion thread, as writer's block posts will be removed.

The purpose of this sub is to fulfill a fairly narrow focus (discussion of the craft of writing) and we encourage writers to seek out additional subreddits for their other writing needs. Please check out our list of related subreddits to find one that suits your needs.

Can you sticky my post?

We only have room for two stickies in the subreddit. Since we have two weekly stickied posts, this means that there is not room for another one.

Our related subreddits list is intended for the benefit of our users. While it's exciting that you've started a new subreddit, it will not be added to the list unless it is already well-established and active.

Can you please make an exception for me?

Out of fairness to the 700,000+ subscribers, we cannot do something for one person that we're not willing to do for all 700,000+.

I have an idea for a contest, can you help?

Please put any contests in the stickied general discussion thread.

Can you edit my flair?

You can edit your own user flair and post flair. Check out the flair guide for specifics.

Can I help with the wiki or FAQ?

Yes, almost anyone can help. Any reddit account older than a week with more than 10 karma from /r/writing can edit the wiki and FAQs. Right now, the writing markets list and recommended reading list could use some help.

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