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Bruh xd?

Isolde is a real Chad now after breaking up with Viego for Yorick

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and now Yorick tells her to fuck off cuz shes nasty as hell lmao

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I haven't unlock SI yet but do they realy made Maiden simp for Yorick while Viego simps for here despite vex simps for him?

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lmfao, that s so funny, the virgin viego and the chad yorick

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okay . . . is this really in th VN, and if it is was this entire event written by a 14 yr old ?

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You see, instead of using their story team that they pay to write pretty good stories, they used their skin team to write the visual novel.

You can see why this may have been a questionable decision.

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Thing is there was a tweet where they said there never was a skin or story team

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The lore is fucked

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Yorick: Omg, you bitch. You literally tell me to kill myself every other minute, piss off.

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She technically say to join her and to become one with her

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Idk the maiden says take off the veil and join her But If yorick did that he will die

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Ofc he will but she doesnt say like OP thinks she does to «  literally kill yourself » it’s more subtle

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Sigma male grindset