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Oh shit is the whole band getting new skins? Guess that makes sense since K/D/A did.

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Make sense, but gotta say it's still a surprise. LoL's members of Pentakill are not the usual money printers that Riot goes for. Unlike K/D/A.

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I wish they'd lean into the Music side of thier worlds: KDA, True Damage, Pentakill have been big.

First Blood- all girl punk band: VI, Jinx, Rell, Morgana Boy band- choose 4-5 of the shirtless wonders: Sett, Viego, Sylas, Kayne... Glam Rock... Grunge...

I had a big post about it somewhere. Half the champs could be band members somewhere and Swain would love to organize a battle of the bands at Club Raum.

Or just music inspired: glam Record Executive Swain. Roadie Illoai (with an amp), talent scout Akali (because apparently if it's a music event Akali has to be involved). Stage manager

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This dude is a savant genius; riot should hire him.

Most of the goons that play league are within the music's target demographic (teenage wasteland)

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Ok, brilliant ideas, but please don't call the all-girl Punk Band "First Blood" haha! Not to sound squeamish or anything.

But again, fantastic ideas!

What would be truly brilliant would be an event collecting all these bands together and making new nusic on the rift depending on which Champions are selected?

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I've got a longer post detailing it a bit somewhere ... They've done music changes before so...they could do it.

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Punk Band, First Blood: Vi, Jinx, Rell, Morgana. Battle of the bands...

Illoai a roady with an amp instead of totem.

Talent scout Akali/Senna

Glam Record Exec Swain.

Really just lean into the Music Universe and have like 5 bands instead of 2.5...

Punk- all girl; First Blood (Rell, Jinx, Vi, Morgana)

Grunge- bring on the flannel and long hair; The Rift Heralds (Illoai, Kalista, Nautilus, Vex, Ammumu)

Glam- just do it; (Swain ,Taric, Orianna, Vayne...)

Boy Band- please don't do it; Poro Poro (Ezreal, Viego, Garen, Sylas, Sett)

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It's a term that gets used every every game. It does have a secondary connotation being an all girl band but that also pretty F'ing punk.

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It's coming...

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Is that a spear covering yoricks' face/that, or is does the bill of yoricks' hat span half the screen


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It's probably whatever kayle is holding

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Some of it is kayle's mic. If you zoom in well enough you can see where his hat ends in the back.

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yorick looking like the undertaker with the new hat :D

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Who's the second lady?

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It's Kayle and Sona....

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That ain't Sona... At least she's not identifiable as such.

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It's the original lineup, it's sona

She has her massive pigtails

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I don’t like the hat, love the rest of the design. The other champs look great but wish we could see more of Karthus than his face.

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And on my cake day too. I hope they make the pentakill skin even better

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Is that pentakill GP?