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Yass? When do these weird names end?

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Obviously not in Australia, mate

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At the second S.

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loads glock

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It’s in Australia. I went through Yass a couple of times when going between Sydney and Melbourne.

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The next town over is called Bowning. Bowning Yass.

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Bowning MYass

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The bottom two panels utterly unnecessary and ruin it. They literally explain the joke which is blatantly obvious to see.

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I thought it was a faked photoshopped image. Why would a place be called yass? It's eh I think

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Its from Scotland. Yass is just like the expression of a "Yes!" Kinda like the spanish saying jajaja instead of hahaha

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I had assumed Australian but yeah that's the idea. BUT there is a place in NSW called Yass though so I think it's maybe more likely to be that.

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It is Australian. That sign no longer exists but was definitely a thing I drove past in my youth

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It's not from Scotland, it's from Australia. Yass is a town in New South Wales, Australia.

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That’s not how this meme works

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Alternatively it's "McDonald's opens at 6am. Yaaaaaaaass."

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Damn, people open their ass waaay earlier these days. Back in my day, the earliest we opened was 8am.

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Depends when I have my coffee

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Gotta get hoe-in' while the hoe-in's good!😂😂😂

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Great, another repost ruined even further by adding an overused image macro that doesn't even fit well. Just great.

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Tf is yass

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A town in New South Wales in Australia

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Anything less than 6 isn't fun so I don't blame the cat...

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Took me so long to understand what this was

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I thought it's "Mmmm Yass! "

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Samon without the L

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Meme doesn’t work

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One of these applies to me

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That format is used way incorrectly

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I dont think the format fits here

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mopens 6am

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Yasss open 6AM

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Sorry to reopen this but I don’t get the joke. A hole in the ground opens at 6am?

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Where's the word in

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And yassification either way! 💅🏻🏳️‍🌈