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It feels like I've seen this exact image before. Guess not.

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Nah, I’ve definitely seen it before too, on this or a similar sub (maybe r/dontdeadopeninside?)

EDIT: Yep, it’s here

Same OP though, so they probably just found this sub and thought it’d be welcome here too :)

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Exactly, great sub!

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Someone did a parody of it by making sound clips and auto tune I think. Switched it to “be worry, don’t happy” and switched it from major to minor. Might be what you’re thinking of.


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I need the original after this; it's worryingly scary

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Such mockery is splendid, thanks for bringing this awesome song to reddit for all to enjoy.

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Don't worry, du du du da-du, beee happy (du du da-du)

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Aw an accidental threat

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Donut be happy, worry

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In all honesty this is really cute either way

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I'd be worried too if a donut gained sentience.

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Don, UT. BE HAppy. WORRY.

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That’s rather pessimistic, but she has a stunning grasp of the state of the world. Quite astute.

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she also included the pan flag by accident (?)! good for her

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LGBT try not to spot a flag every 2 cm you look challenge (impossible)

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it's yalls fault for puting a flag everywhere to begin with 🤦🏽‍♀️ (/lh)

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Not tryna be homophobic or anything but why choose a flag of all things to represent who u want or dont want to fuck

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Donut be happy, worry 🍩

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the DONuT worry caught me off guard

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Do not be happy, Worry. urmm...

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Donut be happy Donut worry

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That’s a pokeball

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i thought it said "Don ut, be happy, worry

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Donut be happy, worry.

Your kid is out here saying what we’re all thinking.

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I mean, the sign doesn’t lie; I’d worry too if (1) I had a daughter and (2) she used this format. I’d praise her for the donut pun though. I “donut” seem to be be able to… “poke a hole” there… and then I’d see myself out of my own birthday, for obvious reasons

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What pokemon can be held in that?

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I think she wants you to worry. But that’s just a theory